Saturday, March 31, 2007

If I don't look at the calories, it's all good.

Five of the things I regularly keep in my house and munch on.

"OF the things", I said...there are more and they will get their own day (after I buy more because I ate them all and they weren't available for a photo shoot.

I know - deep down in the logical part of my brain - that even though these things carry healthy claims such as "Fat-Free," "1/2 the fat and 1/3 the calories!" "ORGANIC!" and "Calci-YUM!" (There is just no excuse for the creamer) - that they are not, in fact, GOOD for me. They are relatively healthy things as compared to other foods - but my diet should not CONSIST of them.

So these things (except the creamer - why O WHY did I include you? I'm so sorry! SO! SORRY!), are now going on the Restricted List. Not completely off-limits, but no longer a staple in my diet. No more bringing bags of pretzels to munch on at work. No more going into the kitchen for handfuls of bunny grahams. No more ice cream every night. And NO MORE making pudding pie once a week.

If you'll excuse me, I need a little *time* now.

What are your favorite "bad" foods? What's masquerading in your pantry as "health food"? What are you NOT willing to give up?


Sugar Kane said...

Soda- I do drink diet, but all of the artificial sweetener and caffeine can't be good.

Jello Pudding Oreo Flavor- Too yummy for words. One little snack pack a day isn't bad right?

Brillig said...

Chocolate. I can make any and every resolution to eat better. And I DO eat really well. But oh boy, all my self control goes a flushin' down the loo when chocolate is in the picture. Sigh.

Cherann said...

You crack me up. I remember a time when eating was a chore. And now...I dream about food when I go on a diet.

Well, my vice is... and you probably already know this because you read my blog... is Cherry Pie!! And Classic Barbecue Kettle chips I can eat an entire bag in one sitting. I didn't even like potatoes until I met my husband.

Kristina said...

I refuse to admit any of them are bad!

I did look at the little individual creamers we have here at work....needless to say, I will no longer be using 4 of them per cup!

Stupid (DELICIOUS) creamer!!

(and cake batter slow churned ice cream!)

Stephenie said...

OMG I have way too many to list. But maybe if I listed a few it will help me come to terms with my problem:
- Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide:
- Creme Brulee creamer
- Sun Chips, Garden Veggie variety **
- Wheat thins, Veggie variety **
- Dannon fruit on the bottom yogurt (averages 47 sugars PER container!!aarrggg)
- sweet tea

** note how vegie flavored items seem to replace actual vegetables in my diet

And that's just the ones I'm willing to own up to...