Monday, April 23, 2007

But Thinking Hurts Me Brain!

If I must be completely honest, my post for this “Thinking Blogger” award has made me think harder than any other post I’ve written.

Of course, it’s just a fun little meme. Something to get the blog rotations going, let your other blogger friends know you’re thinking of them. But I was nominated three times. Three different people chose me as someone who makes them think. Who’da thunk it, right?

Let's see what they had to say (Because I'm conceited, WHAT?!):

Brillig said: Butrfly is a smart and sassy woman with a great big heart. Her sidebar is full of links to charities and other worthwhile organizations and every Tuesday she issues us a "green challenge" to encourage us all to protect our precious planet. She seems to really believe that one person can make a difference and she's determined to be that person.

Silly Chick said: Butrfly makes me think of global things and all the ways in which I wreck this world on a daily basis. Damn you, butrfly, for giving me a conscience!

And Worker Mommy said: Yes I know Brillig already nominated her but honestly she's deserving of multiple Thinking Blogger Awards. I did a double take when I saw her age because at only 24 she's wise beyond her years. She's sensitive and compassionate and I'll always have a soft spot for her because she was the first to comment on my blog.

Reading them again, I’m re-astonished. Really? Me? I make you think? And I’m wise??
I’m loving this, I really am. I’ve always hoped that my rambling would encourage someone to do a little good. It’s so heart-warming to hear that it does. I really can’t express how happy it makes me.

Okay, enough with the acceptance speech and on to the hard part. The hard part was PICKING people to bestow this award upon. See, it is just a silly little meme. But, it feels REALLY GOOD to get. And it’s going to look REALLY PRETTY on my side bar. Really.

I adore all three of you and of COURSE you make me think. But this isn’t easy! (Now I know how Brillig felt.) You don’t want to disclude anyone, but you only get five. So remember that it’s just a game, everyone!

(Also, I tried really hard not to nominate anyone who has already been nominated…to be fair…you got your glory!)

The Instructions (Copied directly from Worker Mommy‘s site because that was the one I still had open and we ALL KNOW I’m lazy like that):

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of this award.
3. Optional: Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog.)

1) Chesca at skindiving – Chesca’s actually had this a long time coming. I don’t remember how, exactly, I got hooked up with Chesca, but I do remember the first post I read was her idea for Helping Hams, which has been on my sidebar for months but never had a post including it like I PROMISED so long ago. That great idea alone should earn her some type of award. Her other posts only confirm what a great person/writer she is. And she makes me think. Most recently, she has me thinking about Paris and how unsanitary it is to share toothpaste.

2) Mona at hello insomnia – Mona’s child, Nathan, is a master of disguise. (My fave.) And he makes awesome faces for the camera. And his mother is always ready with the flash and great commentary. Seriously, check out her Flickr, you’ll be laughing for weeks. But even without Nathan, Mona’s posts are always funny and entertaining. She’s quick-witted and sarcastic. (It was like, LOVE at first *site*, I’m telling ya!)

3) Cherann at Confessions of a Former Bookworm – another funny blog chick with plenty of hilarious kid ammo. I love how eclectic and fun her posts are (I’m especially liking her new Super Silly Search Sundays because we’ve all had those Super Silly Searches, right?).

4) Tabetha at Think Bigg – she hasn’t posted in a while and I’m MISSING HER! Tabetha is probably the epitome of the Thinking Blogger. Every single post she’s written is another opportunity to do good deeds. She really has something for everyone! I hope she finds the time to get back into it soon!

5) Beth at Diary of a Playgroup Dropout – Beth is the leader of Small Change. She is the person that made me realize how much good I can do with my little bloggy. If it hadn’t been for her starting Small Change, I’m not sure I’d have ever seen the value in my blog. If I’d never seen the value, I’m not sure I’d be writing this post today.

Congratulations, girls, you earned it. As did my other bloggin’ friends who already received theirs. And if you haven’t yet…wait five minutes, this game is spreading like wildfire!!


Sugar Kane said...

Congrats! You're certainly deserving. You've definitely made me stop and take notice of the importance of being 'green'. They say one person can make a difference, and you are certainly proving that to be true.

Kelly said...

I was thinking of you the other day when Oprah had her "green" show. So I guess you are making me think! Congrats!

Brillig said...

Awww, look at my little thinker! hahaha. Just kidding, deary. I love you and your blog and I can't think of anyone more deserving of the thinker award. Plus, I trust you completely, so I'm on my way to check out the blogs you nominated! (I'm familiar with some, but not with all...)