Monday, March 26, 2007

Label Me

Some of you may know how much I like to keep the politics outta my little garden here. I think some things are just better left not talked about in certain places. I just see way too much bashing of both sides and I don’t like that kind of stuff going on under my watch.

I know (from your own blogs and profiles and such) that many…okay, I think ALL…of my readers fall on the more Democratic side of the political spectrum.

Me? **Waiting for the backlash** I’m Republican.

PLEASE! Before you assume that I have a Bush shrine in my garage, HEAR ME OUT.

Growing up, I had one good role model: My grandpa. My grandpa served many years in the US Navy. My grandpa is a smart, articulate and kind man. He’s worked hard his whole life and taken every opportunity to better himself. He has a great pride in his heritage. He has a great pride for our country. It’s because of him that I sit in complete awe on the fourth night of every July, eternally grateful for the sacrifices our forefathers made to make this country what it is. It’s because of him that I will always stand tall with my hand over my heart at the presentation of Old Glory. It’s because of him that the national anthem can move me to tears. I guess it’s like CCR says, “Some folks inherit star spangled eyes”…I did.

Curious about my parents? Both the democratic type – but neither gave much of a fight for the “Role Model” title in my impressionable years. Now that I’m an adult and can see things for myself, I realize my grandpa is VERY Republican. A “those bleeding liberal dipsticks” type. I’m not. Not even close. I appreciate that there are different “groups” that are out pushing their own issues. If it weren’t for the balance of differing opinions, our world would really stop turning. It’s the labels of the groups that have gotten to me. I guess because I’m “growing up” during a time with so much political strife, it’s much worse, but I don’t like the assumptions that come with the labels. I don’t like telling people my political stance because I’m scared of what they will assume. That I’m some Bible-toting, evangelizing, blood-thirsty war-monger. I’m not. Just like I’m sure all Democrats aren’t sign-wielding, pot-smoking hippies out to spread communism. There are a lot of things I agree on with the conservatives. And there are a lot of things that send me running for some Liberal shelter.

I like to say that my political stance is Purple. But people don’t get that. (I’ve tried.)

Are you all still here??

That super-long defensive rant was really only the lead-in for me to ask:

How the hell can you DENY global warming, Republican Party? Straight-up DENY it??? Really?? All of you?? Are you the types who don’t believe in the Holocaust, too??

Who can honestly look at our planet and think everything is OKAY?

Where are all the Christian Conservatives that want to take care of the Earth that our Lord created for US?

Really, if there is ANYONE out there reading this that doesn’t “believe in” global warming, DO TELL…what DO you believe??

Try to convince me FAST, because this seems really absurd to me. And if labeling myself “Republican” means that I’ll be expected DENY the needs of our Mother Planet…then you can just call me Purple.

And that’s your random “Where the hell did THAT come from??” Rant of the week! Thanks for sticking through it. And be sure to tune in tomorrow for Green Challenge #2.


Brillig said...

I live in an area that's ALL Republican. I don't really know that I'm exactly a democrat, but I'm not one of THESE Republicans. And I certainly disagree with 150% of the things the current Republican administration does. I'm every bit as patriotic, or moreso, than my neighbors. Just because I don't believe in, say, the current war doesn't mean that I wouldn't die for my country if asked to. I think it's completely UNpatriotic to keep sending troops into a senseless war. And yet, because I'm not a republican, I get treated like I'm therefore NOT patriotic. I think that that's the part that drives me the most nuts.

Anyway, interesting post. And you're right, I don't agree with EITHER party all the time, but how could ANYONE deny Global Warming at this point?

Undercover Angel said...

I don't know a lot about American politics as I live in Canada - but it's darn cold up here - we could use some global warming...LOL - just kidding - bad joke I know...

exskindiver said...

i'm here.
and i respect every individual's opinion...(heck i'm even married to a republican)
being from a different country, i am still trying to understand american politics.
very brave of you to state your color purple though.
i'll see you tomorrow for your green challenge.

Butrfly4404 said...

*bad angel! Think Green!!! Grreenn thoughts! (It was 81 here today!!) :)

Rereading this, I realize I skipped a whole part and missed the point that I ended up learning from my grandpa's beliefs because he took pride in himself and his country. My parents didn't. I wasn't trying to imply that anyone was less patriotic. I just lose myself in the rambling sometimes - especially Monday mornings!

Thanks for hearing me out on it, though!! :)

Cherann said...

I am a democrat that is married to an extremely conservative republican. In addition, I live close to my very conservative republican in laws. I'm commonly referred to by them as the demo-nazi. Which to me is kind of ironic considering that Nazi's were/are at the extreme right side of the political continuum.

I am a definite bleeding heart liberal except when it comes to people that hurt or abuse children.

sillychick said...

I don't label myself one or the other...I take issues as they come and form my own opinion.

Global warming is tricky for me. I do think the climate is changing, but hasn't it done that for ages? I think that some of the folks jumped on this particular bandwagon just this year because of the particularly warm weather. But it wasn't but 4 years ago that winter seemed to start at the end of October, hit us with a few snow storms and lasted until mid-April?

Again, I don't disagree that the climate is changing and far be it from me to argue one side of the other because, frankly, I'm much more ignorant on this issue than you. We live on a planet that is constantly evolving and that has to be taken into consideration when pointing fingers at who's to blame.

Tessa said...

Color me Orange then 'cause I'm a GDI (Gosh Darned Independant) as far as my family is concerned. DH is retired military (USAF) and I just kinda follow along my own thoughts and morals and beliefs. I do have to say I'm with Sillychick on the Global warming though. I don't know enough about to to say yeah or nay. I just assume its due to evolution and the Earths constant revolutions... I should prolly learn more about it though...

Sugar Kane said...

Very well said. It shouldn't be about the party, but about the issue. If more people would open their eyes, maybe we could make more progress in areas like global warming. You've obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about this, so hold you're head high! No need to feel ashamed!