Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Small Change April/Green Challenge #2

I’d completely forgotten about this month’s Small Change! Aside from donating a few bucks to my co-walkers’ WalkAmerica accounts, I haven’t done much of anything. But I have a lot of stuff in the works, so I’ll have more to ‘report’ later.

It's Spring Cleaning time! Check out Beth’s Small Change Challenge for April. It’s a great (easy) one, because I was doing it anyway! It’s that time of year, you know!

You can also check out the banner on my sidebar for Susie Flynn. She’s 10 years old and running for President in 2008 to bring awareness to kids without health coverage. Check out her website, sign the petition if you’d like. It’s great to see kids getting so involved!

This week’s Green Challenge is to enter your zip code into the Earth 911 box at the bottom of the page. This will show you all the registered recycling centers in your area. You will be surprised to learn how many of things you use every day that are recyclable.

I need to recycle a LOT of used motor oil and a few old filters and this search found me several places near my house.

The Coolest Thing In The World (to me) (right now): It found me a place that recycles those nasty #5 and #7 plastics! I’m going to talk to my step-dad (who saves EVERYTHING) and tell him about it. It’s about a half hour north of us, so I figure we can save up and make trips every once in a while. It sounds ridiculous, but this relieves me of a large burden on my soul. I buy a lot of things that come in containers made from these plastics. I don’t LIKE using Cool-Whip and butter containers as food storage, I don’t like saving them, but I really don’t like throwing them away.

So, there you go…enter your zip, take a look, see if you can’t learn something. There are no pop-ups or cookies attached, promise!

Also, I have to share this:

Last night I was making dinner (*Gasp, choke, WHA??* - I know!) and Sunshine came home from riding her bike with friends. She was talking about ‘So-and-so was doing this’ and the like. Then she says, “Well, you know Taylor is the bitchiest one!”

My jaw DROPPED. “What is Taylor?”

“The bitchiest one.”

“Ummm, that’s not a word you should be using. Who taught you that?”

“Oh, right, I forgot. Taylor did.”

“Well, that’s not appropriate language. I think if Taylor is a mean girl and talks like that, she probably isn’t going to make a good friend for you.”

“Yeah, cuz she’s the … meanest one.”

It’s begun…

Oh, and also...WTF???


Sugar Kane said...

This Small Change Challenge is cake to a compulsive cleaner like myself!

You're making it too easy for me not to recycle! You've done all the research, now my lazy ass has no more excuses.

It amazes me how quickly kids are growing up. (man I sound old) It's funny that the bitchy girl is the same one who taught her the word.

Brillig said...

Wow. What a great link for recyclers! That's incredibly helpful, because I really didn't think there was very much of that sort of thing out my way (there ISN'T much, but at least I now know what there actually IS).

Also, about Sunshine, I am so not ready for that. My sister said, in front of my daughter, "I just wanted to tell that damn son of a bitch to shut up and go to hell." My daughter's jaw dropped in shock and she said VERY sternly, "WE DON'T SAY "SHUT UP!!!" Hahaha... She didn't know that we also don't say the REST of the words in that sentence, because she's really never heard those words before. But one day--soon, I'm sure--someone will corrupt her vocabulary. Sigh.

exskindiver said...

i know what you mean.
sometimes i wish i could insulate my children from the harsh world.
one time my daughter said that so and so used the "S" word. i had to ask what "S" stood for (as i was not sure if it was SH**) it turned out to be "shut up"--whew!
but it won't be long...and like brillig, i am not ready either.

Brillig said...

So, I have to tell you, you are the whirlwind commenter! Everywhere I go, there you are already! It's hilarious! Am I stalking you and your comments? Or do you just have extremely good taste in sites you frequent? Hahaha. Anyway, it totally cracks me up!

Kristina said...

"It's funny that the bitchy girl is the same one who taught her the word. "

I think that's funny too!

Lucky for me, Mx thinks the ultimate bad name right now is calling someone a "dumb-dumb" (Thanks Night at the Museum, for that one!).

Worker Mommy said...
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Worker Mommy said...

B. overheard TomGirl calling someone "stupid" and began to do it himself .
We told him it wasn't a nice thing to say about people. So he got clever. He doesn't say stupid anymore its now "stukid", or "stufid".