Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Time No See

Not exactly "back," but not exactly gone.
My first summer being a "Work From Home Mom" has proved challenging. The hard part definitely isn't the "home" side (though, Break: Needed.) - the "work" side is what has proved challenging. Especially when I work from home, until I get an appointment, at which time I need to leave home - alone.
But before I know it, the summer will be over, they'll be back to school, and I'll spend my mornings not working because I'm just so lost by the quiet.
And then I'll only be able to blame the dog. (Who, by the way, is wonderful. And extremely time consuming. But also very cute.)
A few recent pics to share:
Mike and I at a good friend's wedding in May.

Alyssa fishing during our camping trip in June.

Evie sitting with "Mom" (Oh, Gawd, I know.) at the beach.

Alyssa and Evie after a boat ride.
(Nick doesn't "do" pictures often, unfortunately.)

I appreciate the checking in, friends. :)
Even by my Chinese Canned Ham friends. Because, why not?
I miss you dearly.