Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good, Wholesome Randomness

Sometimes the world is dark,
And I just can't see.
With these demons surround all around,
To bring me down to negativity.
But I believe yes I believe,
I'll say that I believe.
I'll stand on my own two feet,
Won't be brought down on one knee.
I'll fight with all of my might,
To get these demons to flee.

~Matisyahu, King Without a Crown

I had this great idea: We'll find something we all have in common. Then we'll spend all day scouring the internet, looking for people who feel differently. We can invade their comments and fill them with "Boo-Hoo for Us" and "You're all idiots" comments (remember, the more hate we spew, the more they'll understand us!). Then, meet back here and discuss just how much we hate them. Umm, is anyone good at graphics, because we're going to need some good, hateful ones - you know, as a joke??

What do you mean that's childish? Well, yeah, I do have better things to do. Hmm, I suppose that would make us look a little crazy. Yeah, insecure is a good word, too.

Thanks, Girl! I know I can always count on you to catch me before I shove my head up my ass. I wonder what people do who don't have friends like you! Oohhhh......Yeah.....riiiight.

(Just in case ya'll were wondering where I've been. If the couple CF'ers that have been coming here every day since have something to say, save it for your forum because I'll just delete it.)

In other news...

I've added some features to the sidebar! (I wanted to use Rock The Sidebar, but that damn Lena already used that!)

* * If you think that airlines should be showing family-friendly movies on flights...I've linked a petition from Kid Safe Films. (jsyk, in the comments, I actually SUGGESTED an entire family friendly flight, so anyone "opposed" to children don't have to be put out by the fact that we can't send them to cargo.)

* * In "Confessions of an iTunes Junkie," I've listed my favorite podcasts.

* * Under "Green Links" I put up buttons with great resources. Like, did you know that you can RECYCLE OLD SHOES? One I definitely suggest you check out is Think Bigg. This isn't necessarily a "Green" blog, but Tabetha has great ideas on ways you can get involved in all kinds of stuff. It's kind of like my blog, only worldly and not mostly about me. :) I plan on setting up a "Do Good" box for her button to live in sometime, but need just that: Some Time. In That Time, I will also devise my plan for The Green Challenge… (Ooh, the suspense is just killing ya, isn’t it???)

* * If you haven't already, click the Magical Kingdom picture and give me some advice on this trip to Disney World that I'm hoping to plan. (How's THAT for indecisive??)

* * Also, I've been interviewed! Well, actually I filled out a form, but if they call it an interview, so do I!


Kristina said...

Check you out, miss thang! I like your interview :)

Cherann said...

I read your blog occasionally and I like all your new links. BTW how did you keep your blog secret from family (I read your interview)? I told some of my friends about it and then it led to my hubby's family reading it so now I can't vent my in law frustrations. :(

p.s...Congrats on your pregnancy!

Butrfly4404 said...

: ) Thanks...but I'm not. DO I LOOK FAT???? haha, j/k. Were you referring to the dream? Just something I wrestle with once in a have or not to have...that IS the question...that my uterus asks.

I actually don't know how. My mom used to read my MySpace which my last post was "Find me at Blogger...< Link >". My dear SIL is Kristina...who comments often, she's cool. My biggest fear is that my grandparents will find it. I've read so many people's posts about "Well, Hi you know I'm a lazy drunk" ... scares me!!

Undercover Angel said...

Great interview! It must be a real trick keeping your blog a secret from your family!

Sugar Kane said...

I love your Green Links section. I'm pretty new to the whole Reduce, Reuse, Recycle thing so I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it! I just watched The Inconvenient Truth last night. Great documentary!

exskindiver said...

Great interview.
what's a CF'r?