Friday, March 9, 2007

Have You Any Dreams You'd Like To Sell?

The other night I had a disturbing dream. I'm not normally a dreamer - or don't remember them, anyway.

I was at work, talking to my mom on the phone, trying to whisper to her that I thought I might be pregnant. The next thing I remember was an ultrasound being scheduled and then immediately performed in my cubicle. The ultrasound (because they are so accurate at, what, two weeks?) said something (in text even) about it being a boy. I feigned happiness in my dream, but mentioned to someone that they could never be sure at that far along.

Then in walks my boss, asking me "How long is this going to take?" "When will you be back at work?" "What's your plan, here?"

I was scared, confused...I just found out, I DON'T KNOW!!

I don't remember where it went from here, because really, it just got weird. But that feeling at the end of Office Scene 1 struck me through my whole body. I woke still feeling it. It was a crushing, confusing, debilitating, unknowing feeling. A feeling like I had to make a choice between two impossible solutions. Two very different paths that would each have a profound impact on my life. But I didn't know what to choose. I just sat there, with that feeling, wondering what to do.


Undercover Angel said...

They say dreams come from your subconscious. Maybe these thoughts have been in the back of your mind for a while.

sillychick said...

If that's true, what the hell was I doing this morning at 3am trying to squish the spiders that were crawling all over my pillow? I kid you not.

Butrfly4404 said...

....NOT real ones, right???


I do remember the bug dreams...because they usually wake me up, too. Icky Ick Ick. Then I can't go back to sleep because I every time I close my eyes, I see the *it* again.

*another shudder*
*k, I'm done now*

Kristina said...

I hate when you wake up from a dream feeling the same feelings...especially when they're bad feelings. I keep having nightmares and waking up thinking they're that there's a ninja trying to kill me outside my bedroom door (and I used to LOVE ninjas...this dream ruined it!), and a rapist trying to bust in my windows. Yuck yuck yuck.

Sugar Kane said...

I HATE that feeling!