Monday, March 19, 2007

Website Review:

My SIL is a pretty savvy chick. She finds The Coolest Stuff Ever on this here Internet. So when she sends me a link, I know I have to check it out. Especially when she says it's to a place with cheap shoes.

Within five minutes of receiving said link, I had a hot pair of peep-toes picked out. But then Rational Me stepped in and said "Hey, remember you just bought some peep-toed heels? And just how many times have you worn them?" Frivolous Me muttered, "Once ... Cheap Bitch."

So I waited until I got home and bought THESE:

I really like them. They're comfy. They remind me of the1920’s a little bit. I have nothing to go with them.

I need a pair of flats really bad and had hoped these would do the trick, but they just don't go with the three pair of dress slacks that I have NO SHOES for.


I'm worried I might have to send them back. Though they were only $19.79, I'm really not supposed to be buying shoes but saving for something else. seems to have a good return policy, though, so I might just have to try it out.

The site was a breeze to get through. They have just about every way to search you can think brand, style, color, even HEEL HEIGHT. They have a huge selection of shoes (I didn't get to look into the handbags yet). My only problem with the search was that after I got a good chunk into my search results, I accidentally clicked a link and lost the search.

Cute shoes, low prices and groovy searches aside...let me talk about their little offer that I couldn't refuse: -$5.00 shipping. (So, my shoes ended up being under $15.00) Yeah...they pay YOU to ship it OVERNIGHT. But only for a limited time.

Overall Rating: My New Favorite Shoe Store!!


Kristina said...

Yay for endless! I'm wearing the last ones I pointy toed kidskin Anne Klein slingbacks...$15! Woot!

And being the bad influence I am...everyone else in my office has been ordering too...the UPS man is going to LOVE us! HA.

I like the shoes you got! Those are way cute!!

Sugar Kane said...

With those prices it would be wrong to noy buy them. Cute!

Kristina said...

I'm sorry about this, another website with cheap shoes...

I just found some knee high brown leather boots for $12.97 on there!

Butrfly4404 said...

Is this a conspiracy???

Love for shoes + Lack of money = Depressed Butrfly!

I'm gonna just take a little peek and see what they have!