Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ultimate Blog Party 2007

Hello, all! Welcome to The Garden.

I’m Amy and I’ll be your hostess this week! Can I start you off with a beverage?
No? That’s fine, I hate paying shipping.

Go ahead and take a look around. While you’re here, you should introduce yourself a bit and throw in a link back to your blog.

I’ll start!
I am an almost-step-mom to two school-age kids. I am also mother to angel Isabella Grace, who has inspired me to get involved with organizations such as The March of Dimes and I commute to my full-time job in the city - which leaves me a bit dreary and worn-out at times, but I get over that pretty fast on the weekends.

I mainly use my blog to rant about my several annoyances and keep my friends updated on the mundane details they are just dying to hear, but also like to have fun with blog groups. Last holiday season, we had a Virtual Cookie Exchange and I got some great recipes to widen my load. Which was okay, because I soon found Mom-O-Matic’s Future MILF Club, where we are losing our collective bigass together.” The title is misleading...We aren't looking for anyone who would LF us...we're just moms who are sick of not feeling sexy...moms who are going to work to earn that title, silly as it may sound!!

The greatest thing I could think to use my site for was to promote children’s charities. You will find a list of charities on the side bar that all create miracles for children. Also, along with several others, I participate in the monthly Small Change challenges from Beth at Diary of a Playgroup Dropout.

Your turn...

PS ~ If you’re not coming here via 5 minutes for mom, make sure you head over there and sign the Mr. Linky with your url to register for PRIZES. If you don’t have your own blog, head over there anyway, because they have HUNDREDS of great blogs to see!


blackpurl said...

love your blog design! And thanks for the party invite... head on over to my place for some Russian hospitality!

Kelly said...

I think we run with the same crowd! I'm surprised we've never met before. Perhaps it's the OU outfit your man is in...;)

Enjoy the party!

Shane said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I'm here to party at your blog! Hope you don't mind if I kick my shoes off and take a look around.

redmaryjanes said...

Love your blog!! I'm here for the party! Come on by my slumber party..

Sarah Hodsdon said...

Found you at the blog party....Awesome site. This has been so fun meeting all these new folks! Have a spectabular day!

Amy Parris said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am having so much fun at the party.

Be sure you come back and visit.

Dannye said...

I was invited to the blog party by redmaryjanes and just wanted to stop by (hope it's okay that I brought chips and onion dip, didn't want to show up empty handed). Love your blog by the way!!

Amydeanne said...

glad you joined the party!!! And great name you have! hehehe

Amy deanne
~Following the Ultimate Party Trail (I may be slow, but eventually I'll get to the end!)
~Don't forget to check out the party favors at the 160!

Michelle said...

Hi Amy - thanks for being such a great host. Just doing the party rounds - it is great to meet you.

exskindiver said...

you are such a good host.
nice blog design too.
i love butterflies, and that is was pulled me in.
will you stop in?
come on. I didn't do too many blog hops because my second born has been down with flu-ish like symptoms since saturday--hence my party flopped.
but here i am anyway--still trying.
chesca the exskindiver

delilah said...

You have a great blog. Keep it up! I am just stopped by during the party! Hope you have a good time.

exskindiver said...

dear butterfly,
thank you for your help!
wait, i'll email you instead.

MrsLady said...

Thanks for visiting my profile! It is always awesome to make new blogging friends! I meant to pop over here earlier, but I was hit by the mac truck of illnesses, so it took me a moment. Your page is very nice, and I will be reading more of your posts :)

Undercover Angel said...

Thought I'd stop in for the party! I love your blog, and will definitely come back.

Nadine said...

Hi there I stopped by for the party. You blog is fun. I am a pastor's wife who loves to just write about whatever comes into my brain. Please stop by and say hello.

T with Honey said...

Hi Amy! Trying to make my way to everyone in the blog party. I love your idea to promote children's charities on your blog. Last year was the first time I participated in Walk America and I'm hooked!!

Sugar Kane said...

I think I'm joining the party a little late, but hopefully you have room for another!

Brandie said...

Hello! It's so nice to stop by and meet you. I am here for the party. Sorry I'm a bit late though.
What a great blog you have.
Thanks for having me over ;-)