Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Been A Long Week!

* I found out about Parents Magazine’s new blog, GoodyBlog. Highly suggested!

* FMILF Updates:

*Here’s some math I just can’t figure out:
2 x Elliptical (last week) + 2 x Elliptical (this week), + short hike at lunch Thursday = + 3 pounds – WTF, Fat, can’t you take a HINT???

*I (re)defined MILF on MySpace.

* Fans of Suburban Turmoil welcomed her new (big) baby boy!!

* Lena introduced us to Motherhood Uncensored’s Real Mom Truths. It’s like a mommyblog buffet!

* FitSugar has me itching to go golfing – no, HIKING! – no, playing TENNIS! – hell, I just want to go outside!!

* I finally got around to playing the Stop Disasters game that ThinkBigg showed us - it was actually pretty fun and now I'm nearly qualified to be a FEMA employee.

* I signed up for the Stop Global Warming Virtual March.

* I want you all to have a lovely weekend. It’s supposed to be gorgeous here, so hopefully that will keep my bum out of the desk chair!


Katrina said...

I think your myspace blog was right on target. And this weight loss thing...sigh. Good luck.

Undercover Angel said...

Long week indeed...I hope you've had a fantastic weekend!