Thursday, December 28, 2006

It Is Time

I’m late today! I’m sorry. I get sidetracked SO. EASILY.

Today I decided (based on my “skinnier” jeans no longer fitting) that IT IS TIME.

Time to quit talking and get moving.

Yep, it’s time. Wait…Didn’t I post something like this last week?

Well, to tell you the truth, I was going to wait until the weather got nice again before I tried to lose the last twenty of the fifty pounds I gained…in 2005. I mean, hello? I have NO equipment (not yet!), NO money, NO time…and this morning it was snowing, melting, and re-freezing out. My old favorite – walking – is totally out. I’m no snow bunny. I’m not a bunny at all.

Aside from searching sporting good stores online (oh, and that pesky work thing) looking for a reasonably priced elliptical, I have been spending a lot of time here. FitSugar turned me on to SparkPeople and I’m LOVING IT.
I love everything about it so far. The tools, the people, the articles. The support I seem to feel just by BEING there. The first two weeks are all about getting your head right TO lose weight. I know from prior experience that I have to "get right" before I can start. I'm a planner by nature!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check it out (wait, maybe I should try to be getting PAID for this advertisement).

If it kept me from blogging, it’s gotta be cool, right?

AND…AND! I added them to my sidebar. (Maybe…I’m trying to, but Blogger seems to have an effin problem with it.)

And the answer to my thing yesterday: Number 6. Sooo close, Kristina! Yes, #2 WAS the completely logical place that he moved them FROM.

So…maybe I overreacted a *bit* - I don’t like change and I don’t want to spend the next How-Many Years opening the Logical drawer looking for my potholders only to say “Oh, right – illogical drawer!” I suggested that he could keep his crap, I mean junk, in the drawer as well, but at least a couple potholders need to stay. Reasonable. Efficient. Logical.

So that’s my sheer randomness and neglect for the day. I promise to pay more attention to you tomorrow. Mwah!

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