Thursday, December 7, 2006

Model Citizens?

According to the United Health Foundation, we Meenasowtins are the healthiest citizens in the country. "Ha!" to all you who thought casseroles and lefse were bad for you!

Not sure about that picture, as I was born in Wisconsin and lived there for a large chunk of my life. At least I have an excuse for when I'm heavy!

I can see us being the healthiest state thanks to Minneapolis, what with the smoking ban, the huge list of health clubs, and the fact that it’s chuck full of yuppies. But, I have a feeling that the rural areas of Minnesota were left out of this study. I go to Wal-Mart. I can see with my own eyes how unhealthy the people in MY neighborhood are.

I don’t think it’s entirely their fault, there is a huge lack of opportunities for a healthy lifestyle in my town. Aside from the fact that it’s Frostbite Season, we have one Anytime Fitness, which is a simple, to-the-point working out gym. No spa, no daycare, just equipment. I’m sure that place works great for some people, it’s just not for me.

What I wouldn’t give for a YMCA. I used to love going there with my mom. I’m sure my kids would dig it, too. Swimming, basketball, racquetball, varying classes, rock climbing, indoor track PLUS equipment. And you get a special rate for family membership!

I’ve decided to give the yoga thing another shot. Maybe publicly stating this will be a bigger kick in the ass. I have my yoga DVD, but I don’t get many chances to do stuff like that at home without being watched. So I’ve decided to check out the little studio in our downtown. I’m just praying it’s still there – places like that don’t do too well in towns like mine. I’m pretty sure I can sneak out for an hour on Saturday mornings. I’ll let ya know how that turns out.

In other news, Jenn over at ClubMom had a totally awesome idea: A Virtual Cookie Exchange.

It sounds like a great way to get some yummy recipes, and you don’t really have to bake anything! (Or dispose of the horrendous cookies that sometimes come from real cookie exchanges.) And as Becki put it “Virtual cookies have no calories!”
So, Monday, December 11, I will be posting my favorite cookie recipe along with a track back to Jenn’s blog – where she will list everyone else participating (looks like there’s going to be about fifty!).

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Kristina said...

speaking of anytime should ask your darling brother how often he goes.....hahahahaha....

Good luck with the yoga! I hope it's still there! I did a tae bo dvd in the AM's when I lost my baby weight (when my baby was 3....HA! 9 months up, 9 months down MY ASS!)