Monday, December 4, 2006

Five Things...

It’s a REPOST!! Thankfully, it’s from the “OLD” blog so newer readers won’t be as deterred.
After a DEEP conversation about the amount of time I spend on the internet, I felt I needed to change “his” list – and also ask my dear readers what their loved ones think about the amount of time THEY spend on the internet.

Five Things about my Love:

- List five annoying things that your spouse or significant other does regularly. Try to be relatively kind and/or humorous. Unless it's a really heinous offense - then by all means, let 'er rip.

1. Answers the phone when it's for me – even if I don't want to talk.
2. Watches a show a TV until I'm into it, then changes the channel… this goes on indefinitely or until I say something.
3. Drives like a madman.
4. Refuses to kick his shoes into the closet or hang up his coat or put dirty clothes in the basket – but will be the first to tell the kids to do theirs.
5. Spends money that doesn't exist.

- List five things that you believe your spouse or significant other would say about YOU. A little introspection never hurts.

1. I honk the horn at people while he's driving.
2. I fall asleep early a lot of nights by which I mean every night.
3. I sometimes speak my mind a little too loudly.
4. Sighing. He never knows what it means and it drives him crazy. (It usually means "Sigh…I can't believe I'm not done cleaning yet!")
5. Doing the channel-changing thing to the radio.
6. Apparently, me being on the INTERNET bugs him more than anything else.

- List five UNIQUE reasons why your spouse or significant other is the greatest. Unique means I don't want to hear about what a great father he is, we already know that!

1. He tickles my back every night until I fall asleep.
2. He makes dinner every night.
3. He changes my oil every time it's needed (which is every month and a half!). And keeps up with the rest of my car's maintenance.
4. He gets along with everyone – even when he doesn't want to.
5. He pays attention to things I like so he can buy me perfect gifts.

Why do I feel it’s necessary to reassure him that it is him that I LOVE??? I only HEART the internet!

So, what's it like at your house? Answer in the comments or on the poll.

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Kristina said...

Ah....internet, good, sweet internet...

Here's my re-enactment of the ipod conversation from Saturday:
"Honey, I want an ipod for Christmas"
"I don't want to get you an ipod because then you'd spend WAY too much time online"

He has NO idea *insert diabolical laughter*

The beauty of having crappy dial-up at home is that I spend, maybe, 1-2 hours total every week playing on the internet at's the best part....I have a super mega fast connection at work...

I seem to find that when I DO go online at home, I can expect both the old and young male in the house in the room within 5 work it is :)