Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday, Monday

I’ve actually been terribly busy at work lately –something I’m not used to.

In fact, I started reading blogs – then typing my own – to occupy my time here. I have one of those jobs where I need to be here regardless of how much work there is to do. Our lull has been going on for months. MONTHS. There have been rumors flying about losing jobs and who’s going to stay if there are cuts. I have a cool boss, though, and he didn’t jump to letting anyone go. Now – sadly, because of a co-worker’s medical leave – we are starting to get busy again. I am the only person in the office that can do three of the jobs here, so I’ve been quite busy filling in where I can. It’s been nice. I’m having a hard time neglecting the internet, but I think I’ll make it.

So today, as of now, I have no stories or anything.

No time to write anything thoughtful or heartfelt.

I have tidbits:

#1 – Kristina – No, I have not checked out that yoga place to see if they are still open. They are, like, 7 blocks from my house. Very sad, no? But! I did see in our “Community Education” book, someone is offering beginner’s classes at like $4 a piece – in March. I will go by that studio this week, though, because….

#2 – I get a half-day on Wednesday. Yay!!! I’m still trying to figure out everything I want to do. I have some last-minute presents to pick up and wrap. I was supposed to do lunch with The Man that day (the reason I PICKED Wednesday) but he has his company lunch, so that’s out. Sadly, I will probably go home and clean. That’s what I do when I’m home alone – clean. Ugh. At least I feel all “Martha-y” when the fam comes home to a clean house with dinner in the oven – I really don’t get a lot of days that make me feel like such a good mommy. (I say this even though I plan to HIDE that day – Sunshine has a non-school day and my daycare girl’s house is TWO blocks away!)

#3 – Had a talk with The Man about the “family” issue again and he wants to bury his head in the sand and forget they even asked. I poured my heart out and laid out a ton of options, but he still thinks it would be best to avoid it because he agrees we have no idea how sis will behave. I agree maybe a barbeque or something later on might leave less pressure than Christmas. As long as it doesn’t get back as “Amy won’t let him see his family,” I’ll be okay. So that’s our solution. Hide until it’s over. We’re so brave and grown-up!

#4 – Holiday pics are in! So I will leave you with these…

(My brother and sister)

("Yes, that's them, officer.")

(Sunshine's Toothless Pic)

(Ninja Boy looking like a gentleman)

(This is the one we ended up using for the card)

(The only one Sushine gave a genuine smile in)

(This one would have been great if they'd been looking in the same direction!)

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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Kristina said...

Cute cute cute pics :)

That's cool they have a community ed class, I keep meaning to find one and take it to force myself to be outgoing!