Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Down With Families

Corporate America is Killing the Middle Class Family.

There, I said it.

You may disagree, but I wholeheartedly believe that corporations are driving middle class families into poverty. They run on the belief that “If they can’t afford us, we don’t want them!” They pretend to be for the consumer, but they really only want the consumers with money to burn – not anyone looking for good, quality service for fair rates.

Case in point: Qwest Communications.

I have been a customer with Qwest for YEARS. First, as a minor living with my mother, then as an adult. They have remained my telephone and DSL provider through two moves. Not because of their great service, customer service or deals (all non-existent), but because I was too afraid of change to switch. Also because Comcast was the other provider in my area and, though I’ve never been a customer of theirs, I would expect the same service and attitude from them.

Recently, my phone bill has been getting larger. First, I was locked in to the DSL price of $29.99. When I bought my house, they didn’t offer the 7mb service in my area, so they downgraded me to the 1.5 and upped my bill to $34.99. Last month, it went up to $49.99. Fifty freaking dollars a month to use the internet for a few hours a week at home.

I’ve called customer service a few times regarding this. The first time I called, they said they couldn’t help me – they told me it was probably best to switch companies if I couldn’t afford the bill. The second time I called, they told me that “If you add Direct TV to your ‘bundle,’ you’ll save X dollars a month!” “No, sweetheart, I won’t SAVE anything. I do not have cable because I cannot afford it.” “Oh, but it would be the same price you’re paying now.” How the hell does that work? If you “bundle” more services, they give you discounts! “I called because I CAN NOT AFFORD TO PAY THIS MUCH – NOT TO ORDER MORE SERVICES.” Also, I refuse to order any other services from them because everyone I know that did got SCREWED. This dumb broad could not get it through her sales-minded skull and after she tried to get me to add my cell service I hung up on her.


Well, I…uh… forgot to pay my bill last month (it was still in my CALL THESE ASSHOLES file). So when I got my $195.00 bill for December, I called again. I told them, “I called my local company and they can give me the exact same service as you do for the price I had before. I saw your ad for $26.99 DSL and I want that price or I’m leaving your company.” They said there is a two-year contract that I’d have to sign in order to receive that price. Again, I have been a customer for EIGHT YEARS, but in order to receive decent prices I have to PROMISE to stay with them for two years. I know better than to deal with the salespeople there now, so I was talking to the manager when I asked, “So, being that I have not switched companies through eight years and two moves…what if something happened, say my husband or I lost our jobs, and I could not afford to pay my bill?” “Well, then you would be charged a fee.” “How much?” “$200.00” TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS? I’m telling you here: The only reason – which I have proved for almost a decade – that I would end my service is if I could not possibly pay my bill. And you are telling me that in that event, your company would turn around and STICK IT ME just a little bit more?” “Well, yes, ma’am, that’s what I’m saying.” In her defense, the manager was very sympathetic and reasonable. She even left a note on my account that said, “Customer is extremely unhappy with the company.” I said, “Because they are anti-family.” “Yes, ma’am, I added that all.” She really did seem like she wanted to help me. She said she was a single mother and could relate to money issues. She was probably the nicest person I’ve ever spoken to there! But, she still couldn’t help me. She said “Maybe someone will see that note and call you or something." Uh, yeah, I’m sure, “Mr. Nacchio, there’s some middle-class bitch in Minnesota who doesn’t like our rules…I think we should change them!” "Not NOW, I'm teaming up with other major corporations that like to fuck the poor over!"

They could have some exceptions to the rule. What if I got an actual pink slip? Would that nullify the fee? Probably not. They don’t care who you are or what’s going on in your life, they just want your money. They are just a corporate vacuum sucking what they can out of consumer’s pockets – putting up this fa├žade of “We love our customers!” when in reality, they love people who want to give them their money. They could give a shit less if you are unhappy with your service or can’t afford your bill. They would rather you just GO AWAY then. Shrivel up into your poverty-laden hole and leave them alone. But, if you want to add Direct TV or cell service, you go ahead and give them a call and with a twinkle in their eye they will say, “Sure thing! I can do that for you! And…Thank you for calling Qwest!”

Burn out the families, Qwest. Take what you can from them, give them your shitty service and keep upping their bill until they can’t take it anymore. Then tell them to find someone who cares. Tell them there’s nothing you can do about it – that they’re company rules. You selfish bastards.



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Kristina said...
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Kristina said...

huh!?! I can't even read that....where's my teenage-speak decoder???

now basck to the original topic....I wholeheartedly agree!

Butrfly4404 said...

Dude, I have no clue. I think I actually can read it.

OMG, There was this totally awesome thing with MC Hammer and it has the "bebo" language going on for the background and says "STOP. GRAMMER TIME." I laughed so freaking hard.

Okay...going to go finish this "present stuff" now...I'm prety much done with shopping..YEAH!

Kristina said...

Yeah for being done! I only have a few things left....I'm going to try and brave a store with Marcus tonight...remind me to tell you the Target freak-out story when I see you!
Look, I have a badge! (now to see if links like this work in here!)


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That's super-cool!! Can I use that here? Wait! Then if I typo, I would look like a hippocrite, wouldn't I?