Friday, December 22, 2006

Are you fricken kidding me?!

This has me all up in arms now this morning. I had planned on just posting my elf name, but “NO”… gotta see this headline and say “WTF?”

"Gibson and Cara Reynolds of Collingswood, N.J., are outraged by opposition to using embryo screening to allow dwarf people to have dwarf children. “You cannot tell me that I cannot have a child who’s going to look like me,” Cara Reynolds said. “It’s just unbelievably presumptuous and they’re playing God.” "

The rights of unborn children are a debate that I don’t really want to have here, as I get it enough on other people’s blogs. But, I will say that while I don’t think abortion is right, I don’t think it should be illegal for various reasons. That said, I don’t think that you should be allowed to “choose” anything about your baby. When I was pregnant, I declined any tests that would determine if there were defects, because I didn’t want to be faced with the decision of “Well, it’s going to be a hundred times more expensive and difficult to raise this child…but it’s MY CHILD.” I’m sure that I would have chosen to proceed, but I didn’t even want to have it brought up.

I’m not saying that people who got the tests, or even people who chose to abort because of the tests are wrong. Not at all, I’m not in your shoes, I don’t know what your life is, I’m not here to judge. That was just my own personal take on it.

But I do happen to think it’s wrong that people would go as far as to CHOOSE what their baby will be like. I especially think it’s wrong to choose to defect them for your own want. It may be difficult for a person with dwarfism to raise a ‘regular sized’ kid…but wasn’t it kind of difficult for a ‘regular sized’ person to raise a child with dwarfism?

That really goes for anything in my book – blindness, deafness, whatever. If I heard someone say, “Make me a baby that is a male with blonde hair and blue eyes,” not only would Hitler come to mind, but I would think “What a selfish and bold person to try to do God’s job.” That doesn’t change when you ask to have a child with a disability. In fact, I think it is worse. Regardless of easy your life was…you can’t say it will be as easy for your child to deal with the disability – you are requesting to have a child that will probably spend its life going through various surgeries, trying to correct the problem.

As far as the Reynolds (picture) claiming that people in opposition to this practice are “playing God,” isn’t that what you are doing, people??

What happened to the old-fashioned child bearing? Quitting your vices, eating healthier, being a better person – in the name of your unborn baby. And handing it over to God to decide its fate. Sometimes, it’s tragic. More often, it’s not.

Children have more need of models than of critics. ~Carolyn Coats

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa

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Kristina said...

"As far as the Reynolds (picture) claiming that people in opposition to this practice are “playing God,” isn’t that what you are doing, people??"

That is precisely what I thought when reading the article.....