Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My Two Front Teef

My Sunshine lost both her front teeth last Friday. I made the inevitable “All I Want For Christmas” joke and assured her that she would hear it about 50 more times this month. I left the kitchen and heard her tell The Man, “Daddy, I don’t want to athk Thanta for teef, I wanna athk him for a jewelry bokth.” The Man told her “That’s just fine, your teeth will grow in without Santa’s help.”

I can’t help but laugh every time she smiles, or talks. Her temporary lisp and gapped smile just melt my heart. Sunday night, we were watching The Polar Express. It was at the end, where the boy opens up that last gift. Sunshine was staring wide-eyed at the TV screen and whispered, “I fink ith a bell! Yeah, it ith the bell!!” I realized that this is the only time in her life that she is going to be like this. We only have a few weeks before the teeth will start growing in and she will move on to the next stage in her life.

It hurts me that I don’t recognize all the stages of her childhood the way I’m recognizing this one. She is always in the middle of some kind of change. All children are. Ninja Boy didn’t even remember when he had lost four of his front teeth at once. I had to pull out an old picture to prove it. I saw that picture and remembered that he, too, was growing up so fast.

Now remember to hug your kids and recognize what stages they are in today.


Kristina said...

Awwwww!!! She's precious! Whenever I'm at a baby shower and they make you go around and give a piece of advice, mine is WRITE THINGS DOWN.....don't say you will, or put it off, because if you don't do it right then, you won't, and as much as you don't mean to forget, you will....and when they're 4 and you can't remember their first word, or when they took their first steps you want to shoot yourself in the foot (I heard that on the radio today, I had to use it!) for NOT following through on the whole "mommy remembering" thing.....Thank God for relatives and their good memories to help remind me!

I hope she gets her "bokth" :)

Butrfly4404 said...

That is really good seems like common sense, but we all get so wrapped up in today, we forget to create something to remind ourselves of it.

We have very limited pictures of them as babies, too, and that makes it harder.

Anonymous said...

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