Tuesday, May 1, 2007

WalkAmerica 2007

There won’t be a Green Challenge today. I was already buried at work when I had to pick Sunshine up early yesterday so my DCP could go see a dying relative. I owe Bossman some 'quality time.'

But I absolutely had to update you on:

WalkAmerica 2007!!

What a success it was this year!!

Minneapolis Team Bella raised $760 and Hunstville Team Bella raised $620. That’s $1380, which is over double what we raised last year ($685)!

We had gorgeous weather – it was 78 degrees and partly cloudy with a sweet, cool breeze.

The kids did really well. Ninja Boy was “siiick” when we got there…I think it may have been all the JUNK FOOD and LACK OF SLEEP from staying at BM’s the night before. After the first mile, he really got into it and even STOPPED COMPLAINING! It was amazing. Somewhere along the way I said, “I think you deserve some ice cream!” I still owe him and he won’t let me forget.

He also got to see TC again:

And my Sunshine, my dear sweet “I’m gonna exercise so I can be healthy” little Sunshine???? Well…

She didn’t get much exercise.

I will give her that my nephew, MX, demanded that she ride to begin with. (He’s rather persuasive.)

My mom and step-dad helped out with the kids.

My brother spent most of the walk sharing my sister’s Shuffle, singing Panic! At the Disco with his hat cocked, but managed to calm down long enough to take a picture. (Can you tell Kristina is of Scandinavian descent?)

My younger brother and sister made me so proud when they joined the team.

The Drama King:
Mrs. Urie (and me):
Just another of MX because he rocks:

Team Isabella wants to send our deepest thanks to everyone for all the support. We really couldn’t do it without you! I am once again amazed by the generosity of my friends and family. I am once again amazed at what good has been done in Isabella’s name.
And to my team members, you'll never know how much your dedication and support mean to us.

Thank You.


Worker Mommy said...

Congratulations on doubling the funds raised! What an amazing show of support by you and your family for March of Dimes and an incredible remembrance of Isabella. And, how great that you got such nice weather to boot!

Brillig said...

Wow. Congrats! Those were great pics, too. Hahaha. I particularly liked Sunshine's variation on exercise.

Sugar Kane said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! Congrats on raising so much money!!

Kristina said...

Yeah, MX made her :)

I love the wagon picture...he's all "What!?!?!" (said gangsta like) haha.

We all had a blast! Then went home and promptly took naps (except for MX!).

Good job, Cap'n :)

Cherann said...

Sunshine's pretty smart...I probably would have rode in the radio flyer...if someone was willing to pull me.

I'm glad you raised soo much money!

sillychick said...

Great job!!! Congratulations!

MarchofDimesTeamYouth said...

WalkAmerica is now March for Babies!

Dear March of Dimes supporter,

Your help is needed!

You may have heard the news …WalkAmerica is now called March for Babies. Our new name makes it very clear who we’re walking for ― all babies.

Now we need your help in getting the word out. Whether it’s in a blog, an email to friends or by putting this badge on your website … every mention of our new name helps.

Visit our Web site at http://www.marchforbabies.org/SpreadtheWord for our new logo and other materials to help us spread the word.

While our event name is different, our mission remains the same. March of Dimes is still the champion for babies – raising funds needed for research and programs that make a difference in the lives of babies and their families.

We appreciate your ongoing support. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at marchforbabies@marchofdimes.com if you have any questions about our new name or our event.

One day all babies will be born healthy, but we have to walk to get there.

Thank you,
March for Babies Team

March of Dimes Foundation
1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605