Thursday, May 31, 2007

ADD Thursday

A few things to take care of today:

Worker Mommy has harassed – I mean TAGGED – me to do this meme:

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) BlondeMomBlog
2) Bun in the Oven3
3) You da Mom
4) Worker Mommy
5) Butrfly Garden

Next, select five people to tag:
Anyone on my blogroll (See: “Cool People”) that hasn’t done it yet.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Let’s see… I was fifteen, so I was in tenth grade. At this exact moment, I was probably in my Child Development class making paper weapons. (Yeah, I was high.)

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Crying at Sunshine’s Preschool Graduation (Funny that Life As I Know It posted about it today!)

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Baked! Chips…especially Doritos and Scoops
2) Act II 94% Fat Free Butter 100 Calorie Mini-bags
3) Breakfast bars (esp. South Beach Choco Protein and Special K)
4) Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins (They are so yummy and healthy!!)
5) Chocolate. Lots and Lots of Sweet (or dark!) Chocolate.

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:
That’s like saying “Five things you’ve seen in your life,” How do I choose five?
1) Most Incubus songs
2) Almost all Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks songs
3) Same with Madonna
4) And Korn
5) Two ICP songs (hahahah! Really!! NOOOO, I’m not a “juggalette”!)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Start a nonprofit – probably a safehouse for abused families
2) Drive a WAY better car
3) Go to a party with Paris Hilton, Linsay Lohan and Nicole Richie so I could personally kick all of their asses and tell them off.
4) Go to the spa every day
5) Fly my family and friends to a remote tropical location for my dream wedding
Damn, that one was easy!

Five bad habits:
1) Swearing (glad I’m not alone in this!)
2) Clicking the Blue “E” (aka my Internet Addiction)
3) Not calling people – or answering the phone (I HATE the phone)
4) Engaging someone in a conversation that was already in progress in my head (does that make sense?)
5) Crying – is that a habit? I do it a lot.

Five things you like doing:
1) Yoga
2) Meditation
3) Traveling
4) Hiking
5) Getting better at golf
Funny how I do NONE of them, eh?

Five things you would never wear again:
1) stretch pants
2) the t-shirt I bought at Ozzfest a few years back
3) All the backless tank tops I own (I miss you Body!!)
4) My prom dress that’s STILL hanging in the closet
5) My incredibly sexy black strappy heels (both pair) – only because after pregnancy, my feet no longer fit. I should offer them up (Small size 8!). Or just keep them to look at. Yeah. Cuz they’re so pretty.

Five favorite toys:
1) my iPod (It’s my BEST FRIEND, it makes EVERY list!)
2) My digicam
3) My computer
4) MediaPlayer on days like today when I forget #1
5) NetFlix (does that count!?)

In *other* news:
As far as Scari’s visitation last night, I left work EARLY to make sure I was there when she picked them up. I got home and The Man said she called and said she had to work (WORK!? What about your Crazy Benefits!?) and could she take them tomorrow (No, because Wednesday is the only day NB doesn’t have homework). So she actually said “Let me call my work and see if I can start tomorrow.” START? That job sounds like it’s going to last!! Anyway, she got every Wednesday off showed up about six. Word on the street (or from the kids, whatever) is that her new job is COLD CALLING to sell MAGAZINES. WTH were we thinking when we said she wasn’t stable enough to raise kids?

It makes me think about Orlando Jones on Office Space and it makes me LAUGH!
“Good evening Sir, my name is Steve. I come from a rough area. I used to be addicted to crack but now I am off it and trying to stay clean. That is why I am selling magazine subscriptions.”

AND…she’s still telling them that they’re coming to stay with her for the summer, which, NO. Just, No. No problems, though, we didn’t even talk to her.

Also, this is my 100th post. I meant for this to be my “100 Things About Me” post, but that just ain’t gonna happen. So, yay for me for making it this long!


Brillig said...

Happy 100th post! That's so, so cool!!!!

As for your meme, it was a blast to read, as usual. I've thought the same thing about the "songs" one--but I love how you said it: "That's like saying "five things you've seen in your life" hahahaha.

As for scari, well. At least there weren't any blow-ups this time. Phew!

Worker Mommy said...

Thanks for allowing me to harass you.
Totally loved the Paris, Nicole, Linsday answer. Hell, I'd go with you.

Happy 100th. I hope you still consider doing the 100 things because its fun to find out new stuff about you - makes me love you even more :)

Nice, I'm glad things with Scari were relatively drama free. Now everytime you blog about her I'm going to envision that scene w/Orlando Jones . HaHa!

Sugar Kane said...

I started reading the Pairs line and totally thought it was going in a different direction, which really made me sad because breaking up with you would have sucked.

I'm glad the visit worked out! Just take it one day at a time. That's what the tell crack heads anyway.

Congrats on reaching 100!

Butrfly4404 said...

Did I say something offensive (in this post)?


Thank you ladies, I'm rather proud of making it this long. I tend to give up hobbies rather quickly, so this is a big accomplishment!

Sugar, if you broke up with me, who would I go to all the imaginary beatdowns with?

WM- I'll work on that post still. Promise. Maybe for my 200th? Then I'll have enough material to just collaborate the list!

Brillig said...

Offensive? Did I miss something? You KNOW how I love offensive...

Brillig said...

Okay, I don't really love offensive (I stumbled on a porno blog today on accident and found that I definitely do not like offensive...) but offensive often leads to controversy, leading to scandal. And I LOVE to read about scandal.... So, again, did I miss something?

Shauna said...

Nice list. And amen to kicking some celeb @ss.

Hope the drama-free Scari sticks around!

Jodi said...

Congrats on your 100 post. That is very awesome! I loved your list. I love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks too, my husband does NOT get it. Grrrrrrr.....

Becki said...

Doesn't Britney Spears need to be smacked down, too? I think she especially needs it. Nice work gestating twice in three years, then dumping the tots off so you can party/go to rehab/party.

If you've got your hands full with Paris, Nicole, and Lindsay, I'll take care of Brit

exskindiver said...

yay 100.
hi amy, looks like we are both not procrastinating.
i did this exact meme today--but better yet--i performed it!!!
will you check it out?

Butrfly4404 said...

Jodi - my mom is a Stevie fanatic. And ex-Stevie Impersonator! I was raised with them - their songs will be ingrained in my mind for the rest of my life! :)

Becki, I'm SO over Brit that she doesn't even exist to me anymore. The other three, I have a feeling will still be around for a while. :(

Chesca-you are adorable as always! ;)

Butrfly4404 said...

I hope so too, Shauna...but I doubt it.

Cherann said...

I would actually love to read your 100 things...whenever you get them done.

So, like, am I the only one in the blogging world that would actually wear stretch pants/leggings again?!?! Hmmph. Who knew that my favorite most comfortable mommy rags are a fashion faux paux??

Mona said...

I love yoga as a concept, but I'm way too self-conscious for the "downward dog" position.

lady macleod said...

Happy 100! Well done there.

I hate the phone as well. Great lists.