Thursday, May 17, 2007

That's Just Who I Am This Week

Last night, my brother, his wife and I took my sister, Mrs. Urie, to see Fall Out Boy.

I like some of their music, but they fall into the same category as Panic! At The Disco. Which is, there are millions of badly dressed 12-17 year old emo girls who LOVE them and will do ANYTHING to be NEAR them. As an adult at a concert, you are almost obviously a chaperone. But then, most chaperones are parents. I am not nearly old enough to be a parent to anyone of that age.

Being a twenty-something in a crowd of ‘old people’ and teens leaves you feeling…a little odd. The last time I went to one of these shows, a girl said, “What are you, FORTY?” Now, this wouldn’t have been so bad if I were forty, but I was 24. I am also a little hot tempered and am not used to being disrespected so frequently and obviously – and that doesn’t make for a good combination when the offender is a minor. It’s not like I can really punch them, which is how I would solve that situation at, say, a bar. So, I leave pissed off and frustrated and a little insecure.

This time?

We owned that shit.

My brother was THAT Guy. You know? The really loud, “YEAH BABY!!” Dancing like a freak, drunk guy? Yep…he was That Guy. Before he even finished his first beer. But, you really have to know that my brother is always That Guy. It’s just funny in public.

Here he is being That Guy at Mom's.

He was also That Guy who would smell a cigarette and find the person smoking so he could tell them to snuff it. Hahah! Yup, he’s That Guy, too.

Kristina and I? We were Those Women. She was That Woman who yelled at the emo kids and told them their clothes looked dumb (totally true).

I was That Drunk Woman who kept falling into people and screaming “WHOOOOOO!!!!!” in their faces and crazy dancing. Except I wasn’t drunk…I had to drive my 12-year-old sister an hour home! It was just funny. And it kept EVERYONE away from me. I had realized the secret that all the “old ladies at concerts” had held all these years. And I liked it!

The train ride back to the car was an especially funny part of the evening when That Guy was making very loud jokes to the cars full of Fall Out Boy fans. “Raise your hand if you’re emo!” Hahaha. That Guy!!

Worst part of the evening? When I let Mrs. Urie go off by herself to get an autograph from Cobra Starship. Then she didn’t come back for a long time. And I looked for her. And couldn’t find her. And I spent the entire Paul Wall set and most of The Academy Is… set trying to find my baby sister, telling myself that the idea of some pedophile stealing her was absurd. (It was, of course.)

The best part? Hearing her gush about how “Gabe” signed her arm, hugged her and TOLD HER HE LOVED HER.

Best quotes of the night:
“Show us your boobs!!” Me, kind of (I tried to throw my voice) to the girls wearing tops that were entirely too low cut.
“HE wasn’t at the show!” That Guy, to a very “highly” happy looking guy at the front of the train car. Only funny to those around us, who recognized the reference to the emo crowd.
“I just saw a drug deal!” Kristina, to me outside the Target Center.

Haha, Kristina, help me out with some more…I’m totally brain dead today.


Kristina said...

All in all, a VERY amusing evening.

More funny things:

"Your collar isn't down OR popped. Make up your mind!"

"'ve got a hickie! THAT'S GROSS"

Interestingly enough those were both to the same kid. By you and that guy!

and I WISH I could see the results of my finger-inserting into pictures!!!

One thing you missed with during Paul Wall was all the emo kids pretending they were gangsta. Little miss peter pan was workin'it. WORD!

We did totally own that place (or at least our little "bubble" on the floor!) Seriously....the secret has been found out. Want to keep people away? Act a little strange... a little threatening..and you're SET!

Butrfly4404 said...

emo-gansta...I wonder if they're trying to start a new fad, maybe??

That was so funny when you were getting in those girls' pictures, we'll have to search flickr and bebo and stuff to see if they post them!!

My mom called today and said "Mrs. Urie had SO MUCH fun! Thanks for taking her!"

haha, Yep..and LOSING her!! I asked her not to talk to mom about that whole thing! haha.

Cherann said...

Sounds like fun. I thought people in their twenties and thirties also listened to Fall out boy. Am I wrong? Or do we just listen to them in the private confines of our cars?

I wish I was going to more concerts. I want to be the drunk parental figure.

Brillig said...

Wow! It sounds like an absolute blast! I'm glad you decided to just get into it and have fun.

So, do we ever get to hear the end of our story? Or at least the next installment? (Okay, I recognize that you've had a delightfully crazy last few days and I'm actually really glad you shared them, but come on! The suspense is killing me!)

Sugar Kane said...

Concerts and movie theaters always make me feel old. Sounds like you had a blast!

Emo-gangsta? NEVER!! I don't think my heart can take it.

Worker Mommy said...

I think I need to schedule an adult concert (not the Wiggles) guys had so much fun I think I'm definitely missing out!

Although I like a lot of different types of music the last concert I went to was the Up in Smoke Tour w/Snoop, Eminem , Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. That was about Emo-gangsta :)