Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TV Review: The Black Donnellys

Did anyone happen to catch The Black Donnellys Monday night? In protest of NBC canceling Studio 60, I vowed not to watch it. It looked rather dramatic, even clichéd. Plus, do I really need to spend more time in front of the TV? Sometimes a cancelled show is a great opportunity to, say, clean up the house or do something else that I ‘don’t have time for.’

While I sat in shock over the Heroes preview for next week, The Black Donnellys started with a bang. It dug its hooks deep into my brain and kept them there for an hour.

It was definitely dramatic. It was a little clichéd. But it was good.

It also was very violent and I hate that. I couldn’t believe that there are actually people who regularly beat people to death, but I’m from Suburban Minnesota, so what the hell do I know?

In one hour, the sweet, on his way ‘out’, Tommy was the new leader of the Irish Mob (there’s an Irish Mob???), his “chick magnet” brother is on life-support, and the love of his life confesses she loves him too. As The Man said, “Wow - Where do you go from here?” Word, Baby…word.


I don’t think I really spoiled anything, so if you missed it, check it out Thursday after 30 Rock – yep, in ER’s spot. Seems someone finally realized ER needed some medical attention – stat! That show has been losing me the past year and I finally gave up watching it at all a few weeks ago.

Conclusion: My ass will be firmly parked at NBC from eight to ten p.m. every Monday. But please, please, please bring Studio 60 back!!! (Replace ER!!!)

You can also see a good recap HERE.

Update: BuzzSugar has an alternate ending!!


Lucy said...

I also would like to see Studio 60 come back. I thought it was very clever and well written.

Kristina said...

You brother liked the Black Donnelly's... I got home while they were on and had to wait to talk until it was over!

sillychick said...

I almost stopped reading your post because we DVR'd it and have yet to watch it. I can't wait.

Melissa said...

I don't know who you are. I saw that you had liked this show on Buzz's page. Anyways, I LOVE this show. It helps that Tommy is really cute. Studio 60 was really good too. I was really getting into it. Will they bring it back or is it fully canceled?

MrsLady said...

Of course there is an Irish Mob~Irish people rock! [I'm biased] I was pretty impressed with the show, and was never really into Studio 60 [sorry!]. However, the highlight here is that you watch Heroes! I love Heroes, but don't have anyone to talk about it with when the other half is away on business. Did you catch last nights?!