Thursday, February 1, 2007


Do you remember when you started wearing Girbaud?

I FINALLY got enough status in my family to get name brand clothes – and then the ‘cool kids’ stopped wearing them. Suddenly, they weren’t the “cool” jeans anymore because us 'losers' could afford them. I held on, though…I had wanted name brand clothes forever. Then the next thing I knew, my mom went out, bought a pair and ruined the whole damn thing. anyone else starting to feel that way about blogs?

I remember reading about Belle de Jour in the paper sometime early 2005. I had heard of these "web-logs" but they weren't something I was thinking about ‘getting into.’ She caught my attention, though - she intrigued me. I spend my nights reading the past posts of this mysterious London call girl. Like reading the diary of her dealings - full of sex and wit. Piecing together the details of her life until she became, almost, like someone I knew. Like a movie character...only real, and unpredictable. She had me hooked, coming back every day to see if she'd posted. Then she published a book and went on hiatus. I went about my life and haven't found the time to catch up on her story since she started blogging again.

So, when I found the mommyblog scene through ClubMom, I wasn't entirely new to blogs. I was new to COMMENTING on blogs. Yes, yes, yes. Commenting opened a whole new world that I hadn't known existed. Belle's comments were full of male 'callers' trying to get her to notice them. Mommyblog commenters had...mommies (and some daddies and non-parents, too). They had people who engaged in conversations about whatever it was the blogger brought up. It was like having LOTS of friends to whom I had no commitment.

I have to admit that I chose 'my' blogs from their names and the first name that I thought looked interesting was Cooking With Whine. Then Cheeky Lotus. Who led me to Suburban Turmoil and The Idle Receptionist. Again, with these women, I found myself intrigued. They are all so unique and so funny - but all so very different. And I really hope that they take my multiple hits a day as a compliment and not something to pursue a restraining order for. Their comments are almost as good as the initial post.

Not too long ago, I jumped on the bandwagon and moved my blog from myspace to Blogger. I became familiar with this group of women, and slowly found myself adding more blogs to my list of TO READ’s. Oh, you know how it is…you spend so much time reading all the back-posts that all you have left to wait for are the NEW posts. Posts that require work on the part of the blogger. You start checking multiple times a day in an effort to avoid doing your boring-ass work. (Selfishly thinking, “Yeah, yeah, so you have kids to feed…make me laugh already!!”) Then you start realizing they can see how many times you visit them and don’t want them to misconstrue your boredom-induced compulsiveness as psychosis, so you find another interesting blog to read.

In adding all these people to my Favorites, I started to realize that EVERYONE has a blog.

So, anyway...I got to thinking...

Does anyone else feel like this Blogging thing isn't so cool anymore now that the Banker on Deal or No Deal has one? No? How about the guy my Fox station hired to "Blog about Idol" with viewers?

To me, it kind of feels like Mom trying to borrow your Girbauds.

I just hope the Cool Kids who started this fad don’t back out now that us "losers" are doing it.


Kristina said...

I like your blogs - girbaud comparison :) I was never cool enough to EVER get girbauds..and I don't have a blog...hmmmm. Interesting. Or not. Either way, something to ponder while I compulsively wander the internet for answers to life's, I wonder what pictures are on today? I wonder what the masons do? etc.

I heard them talk last night about how they have now set up a camera so you can watch fox guy watching the show...and eat dinner...and type. Yes, THAT is how I plan to spend an evening...watching him eat. THANK YOU FOX!

That said, if I ever, and I mean EVER start a sentence with "So, I was watching the fox blog guy last night..." punch me. Hard. True dat.

Butrfly4404 said...

True dat fo sho!

I'm not into violence (anymore) but if you REALLY need it, I'll help you out.

A camera...**Shaking head in disgrace**...I hate admitting I live here sometimes.

simplicity said...

Really good post. I liked it, and it's amazing how blogging has become "the thing to do" these days...