Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday's Gone

I'm getting Anti-Work right now, so I thought I'd take a break before it got hostile.

Ms. Vacations-Up-The-Yang is gone again.

One o'clock Friday afternoon I was getting ready to leave for lunch and to do a little shopping for my Cheerful Givers Party. I'd worked overtime all week to ensure I'd have a couple hours to do this. I planned it out so that I could be gone at JUST the right time. Then Ms. Vuty drops STACKS of files and papers on my desk and starts flying through what needs to be done, what can *probably* wait and what I "probably won't need to worry about." I was SO PISSED that she'd screwed me on my break, I threatened to quit - loudly - a few times throughout the afternoon. Thank goodness Boss was gone.

I had a lovely weekend, to get completely off the subject but stay in time frame. The Man and I had a great dinner Saturday after we played a game on the golf simulator (So. Fun.) and spent an ass-load of money on clothes. Seriously, $25 at one outlet store got me a TON of clothes - including new yoga pants ($3) and a suede jacket ($5...yes, $5). Then I spent FORTY DOLLARS on a pair of running shoes. Like, OMG, FORTY DOLLARS. Remember me all excited over my new Payless peep-toes??? Half as much as these babies! I'm kind of excited and a little sick. Spending money does that to me.

The next day, on our way to pick up the kids, we hit up Kohl's. The Man went on a total shopping spree. Okay, maybe that's the cheap-ass in me, but he got a LOT. It's nice to see him picking out new clothes, though. When we started dating, his sister chastised him in front of me for not even attempting to wear a t-shirt without holes. So, he's come a long way to be buying NEW ones.

We picked up the kids and went SHOPPING AGAIN! We took them to Marshall’s, where I got a Roxy swimsuit for $16 that looks good on me. Also a cool bag.

Having Monday off, we set out on our day-long hunt for the perfect (read: inexpensive but not cheap) beds for the kids. Which we found at four. The Man's reliable BFF showed up an hour later to pick him and the beds up. (Two trips = four hours, jsyk). Nine o'clock rolled around, the kids were sleeping soundly in their new beds, I had dishes yet to do, hadn't made it the grocery store and OMG I MISSED HEROES!!! Not a good ending to a long, headache-producing day.

Also, not a good start to a long, headache-producing week. Which brings us back to NOW. Now I sit here, having freshly realized I HAVE NO IDEA how to do Vuty's work. None at all. This should be fun. I'm imagining all the things I can say to take the heat off me when my boss comes to find out why the shit ain't getting done. Obviously, it's Vuty's fault, right? I mean, SHE didn't bother to make sure I knew what she did before she left. I get so sick of everyone here using "You're smart, you'll pick up on it." as an excuse to not thoroughly train me. I keep trying to think of excuses and in my head, the conversation always ends "I have high blood pressure. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. I'm TWENTY FOUR, in decent health and I have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE." And then, me quitting in a Half-Baked-esque way.

I know I can't (financially) leave this job. But I am so scared that it's going to kill me if I don't. I used to think I was dramatic saying that. But now I have HIGH FREAKING BLOOD PRESSURE. At TWENTY FOUR.

How's that for dramatic?

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sillychick said...

Well, I dunno about drama but that video made me laugh out loud.

Stress...it's what for every meal!