Tuesday, February 6, 2007

When I Was Nineteen...

Ten things I would have never believed six years ago:

1) That I would someday care about how much another being was eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom.
2) That I would get excited over 4th grade “how-to” speeches.
3) That I would spend minutes a day muttering about people who litter, smell like cigarettes or don’t recycle.
4) That junk food could actually make you…FAT.
5) That I would someday be the “old lady” at the concert.
6) That I would consider our town’s new grocery store a conversational topic – with people who didn’t live in our town – or have even heard of it.
7) That I would have more friends online than in person.
8) That everyone’s bodies really do sag.
9) That I wouldn’t consider buying a car without four doors.
10) That being alone can be blissful, not boring.

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