Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Morning You Sure Looked Fine

Highlights of my weekend:

~Worst part: My new gyno, “Wow! You sure got the stretch marks, didn’t ya?”

~Strangest Part: We stopped at Wendy’s for dinner Friday night, but they were absurdly busy. While we were waiting in line, some guy came huffing into the place, threw his money down on the counter and said, “I’m just going to have to give you this, I can’t use any more gas out there!” Oh, I get it…you can’t afford to burn your gasoline for five more minutes, but you can afford to pay for food you will not be eating?? Maybe he was running really low, but still…Why The Hell Did He PAY For It??? Also…you could see that they were busy before you even got to the lot. If they’re parking people at the drive thru and you’re low on gas…just use common sense!

~Ahem…The best parts...

~I paid full price for a pair of jeans at Tarzjay. To wear with my new shoes (also full price). Not exactly the Maddens and Baby Phat items I’ve been lusting after, but a nice change from Nothing At All…(even CLEARANCE CLOTHES!).

~I finally bought the new Killers CD - which is awesome. (Can you tell yet that I was mad when I went to Target?)

~I bought The Man’s stinking fishing pole offline so it will actually be here BEFORE his birthday.

~I made plans FOR his birthday! We’re going to play virtual golf. Which is actually going to be awesome for me. I got into golf last year, but we never had time to play a real game. Also, I was scared. This way I can get the feel of it without breaking anything, injuring someone or spending the day looking for my ball. Perfecto.

~Valentine’s Day is also Small Change Day…so make sure you check back for the new challenge!

**Title, in case anyone didn't get it, is from Fleetwood Mac...I've been really feeling lyrics lately, thinking about incorporating them more.

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LUCY said...

That was pretty unprofessional coming from a Doctor.