Saturday, February 3, 2007

My So-Called Poverty

I've been very antsy lately, compulsively checking my bank account to see if my tax returns have been deposited yet.

You see, it's been at least a year since I bought myself a new piece of clothing.

Thankfully, I had my mom and SIL providing me with clothes while I lost thirty pounds. If I hadn't had them, I would have been wearing maternity jeans and The Man's shirts for a year.
I’ve also starting skimping on my beauty products. I’ve never been able to afford “fancy” products like Philosophy and even gave up using Olay. When we started needing to make budget cuts, I switched to Dove. The last time I bought moisturizer, we couldn’t even afford the $6.99.

I bought Equate Beauty Lotion:

“Beauty Lotion?“ More like cheap sunscreen in a tiny bottle. It smells medicinal, to say the least. But it was like two bucks and it does the trick.

I’ve used that as my argument on why The Man shouldn’t be allowed to eat fast food for lunch every day. I mean, I can’t spend $6.99 on something that will make me feel good (and will last months), but he can spend that on a value meal at Burger King? I’ve been very bitter about making my sacrifice. He never asked me not to spend the money, I did on my own, because I keep our bills organized and I know how tight our budget is.

But I realized something not too long ago. Here I am, always bitching about my life: I drive too far to get a job that sucks to sit through every day. Then it takes me forever to get home where I have to help with dinner, then clean it all up. I hurry to get the kids tucked into their beds, usually cursing about the house being such a damn mess all the time. Then head to my own bedroom and watch TV (SO not HD) until I pass out in my FULL size bed. And I have to use GENERIC moisturizer in the morning when I get up!

Have you ever taken the time to look at your life through the eyes of another - someone who doesn‘t have all the luxuries you do?

I have a car (three actually, in the household), I have a job - a GOOD job - with benefits and an understanding boss. I have a family waiting for me when I get home. I have a house - that I own (when I pay the bank off). With a garage. I have food in my kitchen. I have someone who makes me dinner and only wants a little help once in a while. I have running water, dish sets and a dishwasher. My kids have their own rooms and beds to sleep in. They have a multitude of blankets and so many clothes, they hang out of their dressers. I not only have a TV, I have multiple TV’s…even one in my bedroom. I share a bed with one of the greatest men in the world. Who tickles my back as I fall asleep. And when I wake up in the morning, I have beauty products and a working shower. I’m able to give my kids choices for their breakfast. I have insurance to help me pay for my son’s medication. I drop them off at a great daycare. Then I drive my car to my job.

I guess I don’t have it so bad, huh?

So the next time you feel like you're getting a crap deal, try imagining your life through the eyes of:




It sure turns all your problems into blessings.

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delightful-d said...

I'm there with you!

It is hard to sit back and watch it all... my neighbors got 2 new SUV's within a month, another friend shops all the time, another friend buys her children new toys EVERY time they go to the store, .......I get mad and I am always asking "HOW? How do they do it?" Then I have to take a step back and think, we're fine, we are living within our means, my family is healthy, we're happy... We have it pretty darn good. Even tho I too use the SAME generic product you do :) Love it... I don't mind. You just keep doing what you are doing. You sound very happy and that says a lot!

I just did a post on a topic that has been "on my mind" for some time now. It is in regards to toy buying.... ugh!