Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Next License Plate

Will look like this:

I realize it looks a little bit like a ranson note. I have a JOB, people! I can't spend ALL day editing photos to cuss at my government workers.

Thanks, MN-DOT...specifically the workers in MY county...who didn't think that MAYBE a little bit of SALT would have taken all that ice off the road. Even more pissed, I'm sure, are the people who actually got IN accidents. Not just those of us who screamed and cussed for two hours in our cars!

Sorry for the rant, chillins...

I'm off to write a letter to the city. (Haha, oh, yeah...and to WORK.)


Brillig said...

Oh, what a pain. And I'm SO SORRY you are still having SNOW! DON'T THEY KNOW IT'S APRIL??

Love the liscense plate, even in all it's ransom-note-ness. Hahaha.

Hope no one pisses you off at work today. You sound like a woman on the edge...

Kristina said...

That's AWESOME (the license plate....not the crapass roads!)

Cherann said...

So...MN-DOT knows how you feel about them now huh? Watch your back.

Now, let me ask you this--does google crawl people's comments?? Am i now going to appear on all searches for "Gay boy taking sh*t on leaves"?? Ohmif*ckinggod...are the pervs going to be dropping by my blog? And what the heck are you writing about??? Maybe it was that compost post that you*t...same thing right?