Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Can I have your attention, please?

A couple of my favorite blogs have been nominated for Blogger's Choice Awards!!

(Okay, so I nominated Cheeky Lotus, but with good cause!)

I know some of my readers also read their blogs, so if you have a second, give them your vote.

You have to register and what-not, but it doesn't take long.

Suburban Turmoil is up for Best Blog Of All Time (That's a helluva title!!).

Redneck Mommy is also up for Hottest Mommy Blogger (Gasp! Don't worry, you can vote for as many as you please!)



exskindiver said...

i vote for you.

Cherann said...

I voted for redneckmommy's blog for Hottest and humor.

Brillig said...

Hey, girl! I just nominated you for the "best blog about stuff" (how's that for a hilariously general title) and "hottest mommy blogger"--which means that yes, you'll be going head to head with ME. Which should be excrutiating for you since I have all of four votes right now. It was funny, because I'd just assumed you'd already been nominated, seeing as how a whole bunch of us consider you a daily "must read." Anyway, there you are. Now go get some bragging buttons and get yourself some awards! Because, frankly, I think you deserve WAY more than a lot of those people who always seem to win these things...