Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Small Change

I am often talking about all the selfless, philanthropic deeds I do…because I’m such a wonderful person and I want YOU ALL TO KNOW IT!!

No, actually, I’m pretty humble and even a little shy. I tell you all about it because I want to inspire you. If my rambling on and on every year about ringing a bell or walking will inspire ONE person to do the same, then what a difference WE will have made.

Well, this chicky BLEW ME AWAY.

She wrote about her resolution to be a better role model for her daughter. She wanted to start doing something small every month for disadvantaged children. She suggested maybe a group of people get together once a month and do the SAME activity benefiting children (who are not our own). She says, ‘Leave me a comment if you want to join’.

At last count, there were 99 people.

NINETY-NINE PEOPLE, people! 99 People who are all going to do ONE SMALL THING every month to make someone else’s life brighter. Can you imagine what a HUGE difference it will make when these 99 people all do something “small”??

It should be spectacular.

If you will please turn your attention to the right sidebar, you will notice the new button bestowed upon me (and anyone else who wants to copy it off her blog). Also new is a list of children’s charities. A lot of these charities I have first-hand experience with: Locks of Love, Cheerful Givers, March of Dimes, (I feel like I’m name-dropping). Some of them I’ve yet to work with. If you have any you’d like to see represented, let me know and I’ll add it.

From now on, the second Wednesday of each month will be Small Change Day. We will post updates on how we did with our last challenge, as well as unveil the new one. If you would like to participate, email me your stories, pictures, etc. and I will post them on Small Change Day. Note that you don’t HAVE to do the challenge. If the challenge is donating money and you’re broke, don’t feel obligated to dip into savings to be part of the pack. Do something else that makes you happy, like making a card for a sick kid. Which is, coincidentally, this month’s challenge.

Visit Make A Child Smile’s website to see this month’s featured kids. Read their stories and pick one (or all!) to send a card to. It doesn’t have to be fancy, though it can be if you so desire. You can make a card, buy a card, you can even buy a gift if you can afford it. There aren’t a whole lot of standards or regulations. Just use your imagination and your heart.

I am planning on doing this with my kids tonight. Wednesdays are No Homework days, so it’s perfect. I’m going to tell them about each child’s story and let them pick which they would like to mail a card to (forced charity is hardly ever feel-good charity). They are going to hand-make the cards and I will mail them in the morning.

Don’t forget to snap some pics if you do this…if not to show off your artistic abilities, then to at least give others some ideas!

I feel like a total rump-kisser constantly telling Beth how glad I am to be a part of this. But do you know what I see? I see a wonderful organization in the works.

Apparently, so do 98 other people.