Friday, January 26, 2007

I’m sick.

I’m sick of being in my car 2 hours a day.

Sick of rushing to get the kids up and out the door.

Sick of rushing to get them fed and asleep.

Sick of picking up everybody else’s slack.

I’m sick of missing my kids growing up.

Sick of being too stressed to let go.

Sick of falling asleep at 8:30.

Sick of waking up at 5:00.

I’m sick of worrying about celebrities’ lives.

Sick of arguing about who’s right.

Sick of caring about upsetting others.

Sick of others upsetting me.

I’m sick of politics.
I’m sick of semantics.

I’m sick of elitists.
I’m sick of antagonists.

I’m taking a break.
I’ll explain next week.

1 comment:

Kristina said...

:( Take care of you. I hope things get better soon. If you need a break and want to get out anytime, let me know and we can grab dinner or something!