Saturday, January 20, 2007

Princess Finds a Home

First of all, I would like to proudly share that Ninja Boy not only went to his basketball practice this weekend - he even TRIED. He par-ti-ci-pa-ted. He passed. He caught. He made THREE baskets. I was shocked and amazed. So much so that I spent $1.59 on a Gatorade as a treat. Then I shared my Special Dark with him.

After we dropped them with Bio-Mom, we headed to Super-Wal-Hell and filled a cart up with junk food. We hurried home, stuffed our faces and headed downstairs to clean. I was so embarrassed to have someone in my house the way it looked. Seriously - You have NO idea.

We had a visitor coming. Two, actually. Ms. Adopting Lady and her cute little son. I found her (or, she found me) on Craigslist when I advertised Princess and her broken heart. (Props to Kristina for correcting me on their pet policy!!)

I’m so glad she wasn’t some weirdo. You know, like me.

Look, she looked totally normal:

Yeah, I took her picture. Can you imagine going to pick up a pet someone was giving away and they’re like, “Can I take your picture?!” Yeeaahh. She did act a little *surprised* when I asked.

It was at the request of Ninja Boy. I explained to both the kids individually that I had found a home for Princess. A wonderful home where she would have lots of brothers and sisters to play with in a giant aquarium. I think Ninja Boy was suspicious. I thought the request was a little odd myself, but now I see that he wanted proof we weren’t going to just turn the cat on her. But you know what? She got a cute gerbil, cage and lots of accessories for jack so I don’t think a picture was too much to ask. She was a good sport about it, anyway. She probably didn’t think it would be going on my blog, though. Well, that’s what happens when you go meeting weirdos on the internet!

So, Princess found a home with these nice people who surprisingly told us they would email MORE pictures once Princess was acclimated.

I spent the rest of the night vacuuming every last piece of stray bedding I could see and moving on to the next phase of “Reclaiming the Downstairs” (an ongoing effort to regain control of our family room).

Yay for being rodent free, but we’re going to miss you, Princess!


Kristina said...

I love that you took her picture, that's awesome! Like...Chuck Norris awesome. Roundhouse kick kind of awesome. True dat.

Butrfly4404 said...


And that SEXY hair!