Thursday, October 4, 2007

From Behind The Stir-Ups...Your Worst Ob/*Gyn Stories

Hi, there! Look at you, all dolled up your paper gown! You look cold, dear. Why don’t you hop up on that table and I’ll get your blood pressure taken.

You seem nervous…everything okay?

What’s that? Bad experiences here at the OB/*GYN office, huh? We get a lot like you. A lot.

So many, in fact, we started to document it. Just look at them all (We're also documenting them at Brillig's place, don't forget to add your link there as well!):


exskindiver said...

i don't think that i did that right.
i should have linked to the page, huh.

is it too late?

i am ridiculously techie-ly challenged.

hi amy.
what's up with the late start?
(just kidding, i saw you had outage problems)

exskindiver said...

so i tried it again.
sorry for this double linky.

Brillig said...

Hahahaha. 5:00 a.m. works for me. I'd say your perfectly early on this. I posted mine late last night because I never know when I might get to the computer in the morning. Darn those kids... always getting in the way of my blogging. :-D

(I'm almost giddy with joy over this, by the way...)

Jen said...

Okay, went ahead and linked here, too, just to cover my bases. This was kind of fun, in a shudder inducing sort of way. *grin*

Worker Mommy said...

Whoo- hoo...look at me I did it too. Do you see me on Mr. Linky ?

Butrfly Garden said...

Chesca - I dont' mind the double linky...more to love, right? er, something like that. :)

Brill - My kids do to, but not as much as my damn boss.

Jen - I'm glad you linked over here, too. Your story was absolutely hilarious.

Worker Mommy - LOOK AT YOU, GIRL! Following through like that! WHILE SICK! (By the way, I think you got me sick, too!) (Cough, Cough)

Virtualsprite said...

I'm late, as usual... but it's up now, baby! And it's gory. And in multiple parts! (I'm feeling cool today.)

Butrfly Garden said...

Multiple parts, huh, vs?? Sounds exciting!

Thanks to everyone for participating! This was MUCH more fun than a real visit!! (Aim low and score, baby!) to NOBODY for telling me that "stir-ups" should have been "stirrups." I did the picture as soon as we got the idea together, so by the time I realized my error I was too lazy to care. But, really, thanks for not harping on my grammatical error. ;)