Friday, August 31, 2007

My Little Sparkly People

Why is it that when my light turns green, I have to wait for the people to finish going through the intersection before I can go?

Why is it that when I’m driving five miles over the speed limit, people glare at me as though I’d set out on my day intent on making them drive “slow?”

Why is it that people feel so little value for my life that they will risk it just so they don’t have to wait for me to pass them before they get to pull onto the highway?

Why is it, that I wonder these things every. damn. day, yet I still haven’t found a job that doesn’t require commuting an hour down the one of the deadliest highways in the state?

Just wondering.


My Google Stars have been piling up, as I haven’t posted them in a couple weeks.

Today, I’m going to do it differently. You have to read at least one, because I want to hear your thoughts on it in the comments. Yep, I am telling you what to do. But only because I care! And while a couple of these are merely for entertainment, a few of them are really important and NEED to be shared. So, don’t be all crabby about it and just do it. Love and hugs.

In order of date starred:

* Chesca the Ex-Skindiver – poetic as always - had a Midlife Epiphany – not to be confused with a Midlife Crisis.

* Shauna Loves Chocolate had a loving (read: funny) post faux-written by her husband.

* Momma’s World comically Beat a Port-A-Potty to Death (a post she won a contest with!).

* Tabetha at Think Bigg shines some light on a terrifying disease that kills 50,000 people a year – yet is basically ignored.

* Ms. Think Bigg also debunked my theory that it was okay to use all my disposable water bottles – because I recycle. (Oh, the shame I feel!)

* With school starting up, Cooking With Whine’s Becki shares her hilarious list of tips for getting out the door in the morning.

* And just today, our WhiskeyMarie is celebrating her eleventh wedding anniversary. (Honey, that post you wrote for The Mr. – makes ME want to marry you!)

There you go, Oh Peoples of The Garden…

Now what have you learned today??


Whiskeymarie said...

I read them all. Good choices.
Thanks for the shout-out, sweets. If we're all still blogging in 11 or so years, you'll be writing YOUR anniversary post!

Worker Mommy said...

An assignment...what's that you say. YOu want me to do MORE work ?

hee hee..ok, I will check them out. Since WM is one of my regular reads I did already read her post - Awesome. Yay for 11 years!!!

Worker Mommy said...

Ok, I'm back with homework done. I'd forgotten to say I already read Mommasworld too. Tres amusant!

Ok as for the others I read both of Thing Bigg and it has caused me to do just that.

Now can I have my gold star.

lady macleod said...

I learned today that it is always worth the time to visit your blog:-)

Canadian flake said...

Ok I did what you asked and read almost all of them. I found the one about Chagas disease very interesting...I had never heard of it before.

I think the cake goes to the momma that beat the snot out of the porta-potty thingy..omgggggggg was laughing so hard I just about choked...I had to leave a comment on that one...couldn't help myself..lmao.

Thanks for sharing.

MommasWorld said...

I am so glad I read them all.

Exskindiver - Water skiing for the first time - that is scary and exciting. Always up for trying something new.

Shauna Loves Chocolate - Men really cannot live without us.

Tabetha from Think Bigg - The kissing bug creaped me out but also made me wonder why there isn't a cure for it.

Mrs Think Bigg - Inspired me to buy 26 sports bottles for Snow White, her classmates and her teacher. They are allowed to bring a water bottle to school with them every day (150 school days x 26 people). Might not be much but I think ecery little bit helps.

Beki at Cooking with Whine - I like the freezing pancakes and making muffins. She also made me want to dance on my bed! he.he.he.

Whiskey Marie - I really enjoyed reading about her wedding day and the years that came. Happy Anniversary!

Me....WOW I was really surprised to see my Beat A Porta Potty post listed here. My children still laugh at that story. I am glad to hear it is making others laugh as well.

Jodi said...

I am so glad that I don't have a long commute anymore. It almost makes Boss Lady worth it. I used to have to drive 45 minutes to work and back every day and it still amazes me I wasn't in a car accident. People are nutty on the road!!!

shauna loves chocolate said...

Thanks, Amy!