Friday, August 3, 2007

Because Crazy Hats Rawk

**Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my fellow Minnesotans. It really does mean a lot to have so many people around the world sending their prayers.**

I’m off from my full-time job today, which means I will be working at my other job as maid/referee all day. If I survive the incessant bickering and fighting, The Man and I will be heading out of town for a *romantic* little getaway. And by *romantic* I mean watching Iron Chef in our king sized hotel bed. Ahhh, sweet cable.

My mom uploaded this picture recently and I really wanted to share it. This represents everything great about my childhood. The beach, the houseboat, the Mississppi. My brothers. Crazy hats. Lord, do I miss the crazy hats. Stuff like that just makes life more fun, doesn’t it?

There is the basket of flowers hanging in the background. Every time I see flowers like that, my mind drifts and I see my grandma carefully selecting *this year’s* flower basket to hang on the boat. I see her running out to grab them off the hook when storms came. I can almost smell them in my memory.

The binoculars in our hands suggest we were off an adventure.

That bathing suit had side cut-outs. My grandpa insisted they were cut out so as to make tickling that much easier.

So many beautiful *Eternal Summer* memories. From just one picture.

(Also: Tell me the brother on the right isn't this kid’s dad, I dare you! )

On another note: It's Friday!!! Here are this week’s *Stars*:

*‘Twas Brillig amazes us once again with tales from her extraordinary life. This one is a short, chilling look into her life at twelve years old.

*Goldy told a great story about the crossroads of life.

*Sugar Kane came out of reclusion and showed us all that hearts can be both warmed and broken in 500 words or less. (Also check out Part 2 of this story, which was great as well!)

*Judy from Parents’ GoodyBlog shared an absolutely profound way to get people to stop speeding through your neighborhood.

Have a great weekend. Monday will surely bring numerous photos of lighthouses. If we leave the hotel.


Whiskeymarie said...

Have a fun weekend, sweets. You deserve it.
Oh, and I had a side cut-out swimsuit when I was little too! Too bad I wouldn't be caought dead in one now...

Whiskeymarie said...

Um, caught.
Thank you.

Worker Mommy said...

Oohh a romantic weekend! Sounds VERY nice. Is it a special occasion or a "just 'cause we need it and we can" kind of thing ?
Have loads of fun!

Worker Mommy said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention your Craigslist post was rather entertaining. Maybe i should have taken a picture of "stalker lady" (who by the way sent me another email this morning) so I can post it on Craigslist cautioning everyone!

Brillig said...

Oh my gosh, I love the picture. That's so darling, and so rich with personality and adventure. Love it!!

Brillig said...

Oh! And (what is this, "Leave Two Comments Each" Day?) thanks for the nod!

Hey look, Goldy! We figured out how to make Amy's "stars" list--whine enough the week before, and we're in! Woohoo!

AmandaDufau said...

Hi Amy!
Hope you have a lovely time on your little get-away! Glad to hear you and your family are safe.
p.s. I had that same, exact bathing suit! =)

Kristina said...

THAT is where he gets the tightly closed mouth smile!!!


Jodi said...

Have a great weekend! Sounds like lots and lots of fun.

Sugar Kane said...

Oh, the side-cut out bathing suit. Not a full two piece, but enough so that you feel grown up. Great picture!

And thanks for the shout out!

exskindiver said...

you know those cutouts are in.
especially for people with a belly button that looks like a portabella mushroom. just saying.

exskindiver said...

yes, it is a two comment day indeed.
i was talking about MY belly botton.
it is hideous.

Canadian flake said...

Hope you had a great time this weekend. Thanks for sharing the pics...they are great!!

MommasWorld said...

Love those hats! It is nice to have so many memories from a photo. I was at my parents this weekend looking for old photos of myself as a wee young tot.

I hope you and the Man had a Great weekend!

Have a FANTASTIC day!

Cherann said...

That picture is pretty funny. You guys are posing as if you guys were drunk adults...

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

LOVE the pic!

Goldy said...

Put me on the list for people who love crazy hats!