Monday, June 18, 2007


I don’t think it would come as a surprise to anyone if I announced in an extremely whiney voice: “I want to go to BlogHer!!”

Really, are there female bloggers who think it wouldn’t be any fun? I had just started reading Lena’s blog when she went last year. Ummm…enough said? I‘ve been secretly wanting to go since. Even if you aren’t into partying, I found several blogs by very tame women who had a great time last year, too. I guess you can actually learn stuff there, too.

I actually did sit down and figure out the costs of going and I actually did find a feasible way to do it. But then, there’s that pesky guilt-laden Disney trip I want to save for. And other money things that came up that I just couldn’t justify spending it on a trip to go party, er, learn.

I was just wondering, “Why hasn’t anyone offered the trip as a prize yet?” when I happened upon this at

Basically, you use to create a little scrapblog for yourself, then you publish it and each time someone views it, you gain entry to the random drawing. The really cool part is that you can make as many as you want. As long as you tag it with “blogher07” any view it gets will count as an entry for you. (Check out the official rules here.)

So I’ll make you a deal. You look at mine and I’ll look at yours. Several times, even. I'm nice like that.



So go look at it then. And feel free to link yours in my comments.


Brillig said...

Ahhhh, it's all becoming very clear to me now! What a cool idea! I'm dying to go. DYING, I say. And while the money is a problem, it's not THE problem. THE problem in my case is that whole I have four kids five and under and a hubby who... well, works! But I'm already planning it for next year. Seriously, a year in advance! I'm that big of a nerd! But if I plan now, it MIGHT just happen!

moosh in indy. said...

I clickied you, thanks for clicking me.
Disney trip is beyond worth it (trust me, I just blew the budget there myself.)
for more gratuitous linky love. (leave yours on mine too!)

MommasWorld said...

I went to check it out. It looks GREAT and I voted for you! I hope you win!!

Kelly said...

Looks good!....hmmmmmmm...what a good idea!

Worker Mommy said...

You're just lucky I like you. Because this extra homework would have been just the thing to send me over the edge right now.

No I'm totally kidding!! I promise to check it out soon and I will vote for you!

Kelly said...

OK, OK...I want to go to!

And I clicked yours...

Here's my entry:


Kristina said...

Reminder to self: Look while at work. Home computer sucks and trying to look daily won't make the red x dissapear.

Cherann said...

Good luck! I just looked at one more time for ya. Where is the convention at?