Monday, May 26, 2008

Empty Handed.

Sometimes writing is my therapy. It helps me get out all my feelings – good and bad. And usually, I’m proud of the feelings I’ve put onto the paper. I’m proud of the way they poured out of me and I’m proud to share them.

But lately, I get something written and even though I feel good to have gotten it out – I don’t feel good about what’s on the paper. I’m not proud of the emotions. I’m not proud of the points I’ve made. I don’t feel like I’d be proud to have my friends share in it with me.

So there I sit: An empty-handed blogger. With nothing of substance to share.

I have a feeling this has more to do with my perspective than my writing skills.

I’m working on my perspective, I promise.

And if you’re missing me, you can bet I’m missing you, too!


Becki said...

I think it's going around. I just haven't felt like writing anything, bloggy or otherwise, in a few weeks. But I am, in fact, missing you.

Whiskeymarie said...

Summer is when I actually feel like posting a lot, but all this past winter/spring was tough, tough, tough.
Live your live, come back with stories. We'll wait, we're a relatively patient bunch.

MommasWorld said...

I agree with WM.

I have been absent from my blog A LOT! I have tons of posts started and some finished but haven't reviewed them or anything.

By the way, Love that new Icon of yours!


Worker Mommy said...

Was that last line written for me ?


Life As I Know It said...

You are missed!
Hope you are back soon.

Brillig said...

Oh. Mygosh. The new avatar? HILARIOUS!!!

And if that last line is true, then you must be missing me a whole FRICKIN' BRACKIN' lot, girl.

And isn't there a wedding around the corner here soon? Is that, perhaps, also contributing to your absence?

exskindiver said...

Hi A,
nice to see you!
big hugs.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Miss you a ton. But, I also haven't been blogging either. Life is INSANE with a lawsuit.

Take care and e-mail me anytime.

Lucy said...

Your writing skills are exeptional. So are your instincts. I'd say you're right on the mark, Hon.