Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Answer You Anything! Part One.

I have to break this little party up into separate posts. I had no idea you (Worker Mommy) would have so many questions for me! You (Worker Mommy) must really miss me. ;)

Questions from Worker Mommy:

Ok...what's your favorite childhood memory?
I’d have to say that it would be collective memories of being on my grandparents’ houseboat on the river. Almost all my great memories are there.

Have you ever been in a fist fight?
……Yes. A few actually. What can I say? I have a big mouth. Sometimes you have to be able to back it up. Haha – the worst fight (with the most punching) I’ve ever been in was with Mike’s older sister, actually (completely unprovoked – I swear!). But the one I was most injured in was when I was fighting with my ex-boyfriend and we ended up at the bar. I spent the night [underage] drinking and the fight escalated. The night ended with me trying to hit him, him ducking into a car and a large Amazonian woman stepping up in his place. Since I was, after all, ten feet tall and bullet proof, I tried to take a swing, but my *dear friend* Eric stepped in and grabbed my arms. So I kicked her. And she punched me in the eye. I kid you not – I STILL see that black eye some days.

What drives you nuts about people?
Arrogance. I’m all for self-empowerment and self-confidence, but there is a line. And one you cross it, you’re pretty much just a d-bag and no longer exist to me. There is actually one person on our guest list that we’re debating over because I don’t want him at our wedding due to his flagrantly arrogant attitude. (That’s my argument line.) (If you watch Hell’s Kitchen – he is a LOT like “Jason” who was fired last night.)

Questions from Kelly (who is rocking some new digs!):'re 26? OK That's my first question.
Not yet, actually. I will be on May 6th.

And...where you been?
Well, I went to LaCrosse a couple weeks ago.

And...What's up with the wedding stuff?
Easy: Vendor prices.

And...where you been?
Ooh, I went to IKEA finally, too! (Not as great as I had hoped.)

Questions from Momma’s World:

What are your plans for the summer?
Since my “dear sweet *BFF*” called me on Easter to tell me to find new daycare, our summer plans are a bit up in the air right now. We’ve been busy converting my office into an extra bedroom (leaving one of the three computers/desks in there and moving the other two into my bedroom) so that my teenage brother and sister can take turns staying with us and helping with the kids during the day. (At home, they aren’t allowed outside when they are home alone because my mom fears that they will drown in the lake or be eaten by bears and coyotes. They will freaking LOVE this, trust me.) That leaves a week at the end of the school year that my kids are out and my siblings aren’t yet, so we’re thinking of taking a trip with the kids during that time. Not sure where yet, just somewhere in driving distance. Good recommendations, anyone?

Have you made any decisions on your lists of to do for the Wedding?
Yep! Let’s see if I can remember everything I’ve booked: Church, Hall, Photographer, Florist and Baker. I still have a lot to do – my next thing will be starting my playlists, which I’m actually looking forward to doing. I have some DIY stuff in the works, but I’ll post about that another time.

Has the Man made any requests/demands about anything he wants at the wedding?
No pink. And a top hat. And also that we spend the extra hundred something dollars to get Buttercream cake.

(I'll be back with the rest. I am not going to go promising dates because we all see how great I am at that.)


Kelly said...

See I love IKEA! It's probably good that I have to drive 4 hours to get to the closest one.

And..."Since I was, after all, ten feet tall and bullet proof,"lol Me too after a couple of cocktails. Not such a good trait we have!;)

Worker Mommy said...

Miss if...

Ok,ok I confess...of course I missed you. And I love your honest answers. And now I'm total digging Mike to because buttercream rocks my world.

Brillig said...

SO much to respond to here!!! But being easily intrigued by Soap Operas, I love the fist fight stuff and am dying to hear the entire story behind each of the events you mentioned there. Oh! OH!!!!!!! You should totally start a new saga. You know, "Amy's Brawls" or something like that. HAHAHAHA. You gotta do it! I gotta hear more about this!!!

Brillig said...

(yes, me again, following up on my own comment)

Oh! Oh! Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! That's YOU!!!

Whiskeymarie said...

You will be glad (as will your guests) that you splurged on the cake.

I loved IKEA at first, but now it's like, "meh".

Becki said...

Buttercream good. Crisco whipped with sugar bad. I thought my husband was going to rip the ring off my finger and offer it to the baker when he tasted the sample of frosting for our cake.

exskindiver said...

hi amy.

Kristina said...

Hurry it up with part two! ;)

Cherann said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Good to hear the wedding plans are coming along. I think you and I have been a little scarce in the blogosphere. Although I think that you've still been reading blogs. I'm so out of it-- I can't even remember who the author of my "sometimes read" blogs are. Oh well. Maybe they should be taken off my list.

BTW, I'm marching for babies. I will walk one mile-- and my husband will walk the rest for me. Cut me some slack. I will be 8 months pregnant.

Brillig said...

WHERE ARE YOU???? I miss you so stinkin' much!!!!