Wednesday, November 21, 2007

1 Year Old

It's my first birthday all over again!

Except this time it's the Garden's birthday.

And I get to blow the candles out all by myself.

Honestly, I can't believe I've stuck with it this long.

If I hadn't made friends like you all, I probably wouldn't have.

So THANK YOU for being a friend. In a totally Golden Girls sorta way.

Here's to another year of bitching, soap box ranting, and random edjumacating.

And many mooooooooore.


Worker Mommy said...

Yay for 1 year! Happy Bloggy Birthday!!

I look forward to many more years of hanging out at "The Garden"

Now go forth and have a celebratory drink!!

Carla said...

Happy 1 Garden Friend!!!

Melissavina said...

Happy Blogday!! It's a good feeling to realize a whole year zoomed by while you wrote about it. Congratulations!

I'm glad we're blog friends!!!

hello insomnia said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog's a toddler now. You must be very proud.

Miss Kate said...

Yay! Happy Blogiversary! Happy Blogirthday? Um, yeah. :)

Whiskeymarie said...

Maybe now you can start thinking about getting the blog potty-trained.

Happy 1 year!


exskindiver said...

yay for one year!

Jodi said...

Happy blogging anniversary! So glad to have met you. I hope you stick with it for many many many more years! :)

Canadian flake said...

Happy Blog Birthday...hope ya had a big piece of cake... are the wedding plans coming?

Brillig said...

Holy Crap! Congratulations!!!! That's HUGE! You know, our bloggy friendship means the world to me. I echo the "and many mooooooooore!!!" And I bow down to you for this major accomplishment!

Kristina said...

Happy belated blog-birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birhthday!

Kelly said...

Happy blog birthday lady! I'm only like what, 4 days late? I suck. I know. Oh well. you and looking forward to your 2nd!

MommasWorld said...

I am SOOOO GLAD you stuck it out! I feel like I made a great friend on line.

That is one fine cake you have there. You can blow out the candles by yourself but come on. Share the cake :-)

moosh in indy. said...

Only one year? It seems like so much longer doesn't it?
Happy Blogday to you!
Happy Blogday to you!
Happy Blogday dear AAAAMMMMYYYYY!
Happy Blogday to you!
(your birthday blog spanking.)

Life As I Know It said...

Happy Blogging birthday!

Cherann said...

For a minute there, I actually thought edjumacating was an actual word and was going to ask you what that meant. :-) Happy Blog Birthday. I can't believe I've almost been reading your blog for a year!! (I think I started reading it in Feb or Mar).

You rock butrfly!