Friday, September 28, 2007

G*yno From Hell?

So all my dirty talk the other day got Brill pretty excited. Oh, now that just sounds bad, doesn't it?

Let me start over.

My post the other day brought to mind that there are probably A LOT of horror stories from the OB/*GYN office. So Brilliant Brillig came up with the idea of a group writing challenge. Because I’d follow her to the moon, I eagerly accepted to co-host.

We call it "From Behind the Stir-Ups - Your Worst Ob/G*yn Stories"

Most women have at least ONE story about a trip to the gyn*ecologist gone awry. (Not that a "normal" visit is all that much fun!) And in hindsight, those bad experiences can either be educational or just damn hilarious.

So start digging up those repressed memories because Thursday, October 4th is the day the internet will explode with tales from down-under.

To play along, just visit Brillig and I that Thursday and put your link into our Mr. Linky. (Why does everything seem so dirty to me today?)

I’m hearing a lot of excuses over at Brill’s place like, “I can’t think of anything.” That’s why we’re giving it almost a week. My most recent bad experiences have been posted here, so I’m really going to have to think as well.

It doesn’t have to be the most horrifying thing ever or the funniest thing ever. It could be as simple as a comment they made, like this gem from my new doctor:

“Wow! We sure got the stretch-marks didn’t we?”

So play along, because that’s what all the cool kids are doing. You DO want to be cool, don’t you?


Worker Mommy said...

I wanna be cool. But I'm not sure I can be in this instance. - Unless I lie -uh is that allowed ? ;).

I can't think of a single gyn horror story. I mean other then the general suckiness of this type of appointment.

Like I said on Brill's site - I'm interested to read others stories though

Butrfly Garden said...

You know...if you're up for some creative writing I don't see anything wrong with lying. I'm going to link Sugar Kane's Glitter joke in because it's funny.

Brillig said...

You dirty little thing! You've even made Mr. Linky sound nasty! hahahahahaha. Honestly, should I be this excited about a bunch of stories about boobies and cervixes?

Carla said...

Must we go here?! Yes, we must! Ok. I wracked my brain and came up with a horrifying diaphragm fitting story that I must have repressed.

Canadian flake said...

hmmmmmmm I think I will have to give this some thought too...brillig's ideas (such as SOS) tend to take a life on of their own, so watch out

moosh in indy. said...


CableGirl said...

Wow, I'm so tempted...

Joeprah said...

Yucky! unfortunately I am but a guy, and I never go to a gyno-whatama-calist. Sounds mortifying. I definitely don't want some dude looking over my penis, I can tell you that much.

Butrfly Garden said...

Brill- I don't know how to answer that!
Carla - YAY! Thanks for "UN-repressing" that!!
Canadian - I'm sure you can think of something! :)
Casey - is that GOOD, or BAD?
cablegirl - GIVE IN. :)
joeprah - The Man can tell you - it's no fun! Thanks for swinging by!

Worker Mommy said...

Ok, ha, I have one. Carla helped "un-repress" mine. All about trying to get the IUD only to be told my uteris is ...too big.
Lawd, have mercy! Must I re-live it ?

Lainey-Paney said...

Let's see...there is the time that my OB/Gyn was called into an Emergency Surgery, and I had to see his partner. Nobody at the office told me that I would be seeing a different doc. So, there I am, naked underneath the 25 cent gown they give you. A man in a white coat nurse was w/ him. He was NOT a familiar face. I freaked out, demanded that he open the door, and produce ID. He showed me a mini wallet copy of his license to practice medicine along with his driver's license. The nurse came in, vouched for him, apologized profusely to me that I was never told that I would be seeing Dr.T instead of Dr.B. We all had a good laugh...and moved on.

There's ONE of the OB stories from my past....

Cherann said...

I missed this! I guess that's what happens when you drop off the planet...I really only have one that stands out.