Monday, September 17, 2007

And This is Just the Tip of the "Internet To-Do" Iceberg

I made a little progress Sunday, but it only took a few SOS participants and a some hot celeb gossip to bring me right back up into the HUNDREDS of posts that I have yet to read.

Just know: It's not you, it's me. Wait. That sounds wrong. I'm really trying to get to reading and writing, but that's going to mean I need a few days off.

See, some nosy asshole higher-up in another department took it upon himself to spy on our department and report anything we were doing that didn't look like work. Even eating lunch. He is using this as basis for his arguement that we should all be working overtime. To make my boss look better and to avoid more overtime, I decided to not go on the net at all at work for a couple weeks. Or take lunch. (Damn my human body with these organs! once cyborg surgeries become available, I'll be the first in line, there, Timmers. Then I won't need to use those personal "pee" minutes, either!)

I'll see you for Wordless Wednesday at the very least.

And...*sniff*... I miss you all.


MommasWorld said...

Aww that's not fair.

I will keep coming back to check in. :-)

Julie Wright said...

higher ups suck huge muddy rocks. I work from home but they recently installed a "witness" program on my computer so they can see everything on my screen. I'm tempted to write them nasty notes to see if they notice, but good judgement and the need to keep the job have overtaken me. good luck!!!

Worker Mommy said...

No lunch,wtf ? Ok the HR in me says you are entitled to your lunch (or rest know whateva you want to do) and you should take it! Screw them and their overtime.
We miss and need you here on the net :)
Oh wait...overtime does kinda translate to more $ for your wedding. So maybe it's not all bad!

Jodi said...

OH man, are you sure you don't work for UHC? That sounds EXACTLY like UHC. *ugh* I hope you can get caught up very soon.

Chad just caught a glance of Ninja Boy's picture and wants you to know that ya'll rock 'cuz somebody in that picture is wearing a Twins shirt and you're all from MN! :) Chad is a MN boy and he gets so excited seeing MN stuff, what can I say.

exskindiver said...

when did work start getting in the way of blogging????

Whiskeymarie said...

I feel ya, sister. My 12 hour work days are seriously cutting into my internet life.
Yet another reason I don't subscribe to Google reader or any other "feeds"- the guilt would be overwhelming.
see you soon.

Cherann said...

It does get a little overwhelming when you haven't read your google reader feeds in a while huh?

You know what I do? I categorize my blogs into bloggy friends, sometimes read, geeky, cooking, entertainment (these are the blogs for my TV shows), etc... it helps me prioritize. If I really have too many, I just mark all the geeky and entertainment as read.

Life As I Know It said...

I hate when work and life in general get in the way of blogging.

Come back soon!

Canadian flake said...

I think that snitch needs a kick in the errrrrrr sorry a good smack. Hang in there and try to sneak some junk food at

Hurry back soon!!!

Kelly said...

Man...that is so sad! There's always one person that ruins the fun now isn't there?