Thursday, October 30, 2008


All in all, I would say my wedding day was a beautiful day. I was so incredibly happy all day that even all the mishaps couldn’t stop me from smiling. Almost my whole family was there to be with us and it wasn‘t for something sad or terrible for once. And in the end, we accomplished what we set out to do: to become husband and wife.

But looking back now, I wonder what I spent that year of my life on. The planning and DIY tasks - they really didn’t consume as much time as I like to think. I spent that whole YEAR planning a party that was over in a few hours. I spent a whole year making plans and decorations that never even got used. All that time just for a few hours? I regret putting my life on “hold” to plan this thing when it obviously wasn’t needed.

And then, of course, there is the money thing. I promised myself we would not go into debt over the wedding. I promised myself (and my mother) that I would be more careful with this credit card. I knew we’d carry a little bit on our card until Mike got his tax return, but I wasn’t going to over that! Then little by little, the credit card added up. When I had my brother and sister caring for the kids and my grocery bill just wasn’t going to be gracefully extracted from my bank account any more, I charged it. Anything we needed (or, admittedly, wanted) but couldn‘t quite afford, I put on the card. And it added up to a lot more than Mike will be getting back. We are making HUGE monthly payments but it doesn’t seem to make a dent. I regret spending too much money when I know I should have been saving. I regret emptying my savings account to make a credit card payment instead of demanding that the church coordinator give me my deposit back NOW.

I have my little regrets over the wedding - waiting until the last minute to do a lot of stuff, being so stressed out and busy the day of, doing pictures before the ceremony but not getting that private moment with Mike when we first saw each other, letting people who didn‘t know what they were doing run my music when it was SO important to me. But really, those are very trivial things when I think of the time and resources that were piddled away on the whole deal.

And now. Now they are more than just regrets. They are mistakes. Because I lost my job yesterday. I have no money in savings. I have a huge credit card debt that is going to start accruing interest at the end of this year. I effectively screwed myself - which I SWORE to myself I would not do. I put my blog - the one thing I love that could actually bring in some sort of funds - on hold for so long that I lost my reader base. I put my family in jeopardy by spending my money frivolously.

Last month, Mike and I sat down and took a long hard look at our finances. We cut every corner we could in an effort to pay down our debt faster and hopefully get our savings going again. I finally got smart again, but it wasn’t soon enough. And now that our funds have been cut, we are going to have to do more than just cutting the unnecessary, we are going to have to make sacrifices.

I wish so badly that I could look back on my wedding with fond memories of “the happiest day of my life” like so many other brides. But for now, I look back on it with regret. Not in the marriage, of course - just in what it took to get there.


Miss Kate said...

Oh, girl. I am so sorry. Thank you for being brave and honest.

Life As I Know It said...

Oh no, I am so sorry about your job.
I know you are probably stressed right now, but things will get better and work themselves out.
Hang in there...

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I wish I could help more than to say I'm sorry you're in this position. I'm sorry about your job. Hugs to you, Amy.

Carla said...

I am so sorry!! I am praying for you and yours!!

Please email me if you would like. I want to help in any way I can. I mean that. You know I do.

I know a little about that. I charged the honeymoon cruise and the caterer and the new tv and entertainment center. I didn't have a job when I got married. We made debt a lifestyle choice until this year. We are digging out.

WM said...

Oh Amy- I pray that you will get a new job soon. Ideally it will be one you like even better! You are an incredible person and deserve good things . Believe me they will come

Regarding the wedding thing...I felt much the same, it was beautiful but in hindsight I'd have rather used the money for more down on my house etc. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

You are not alone. Believe me

I'm wishing you all the best!!!

Big ol cyber hug,

Whiskeymarie said...

Try to not let regret guide your life, hon. I know how bad it can be because I do the same thing when I get myself in a bad place. Everyone beats themselves up- the hard part is finding a way to forgive yourself and work towards solutions (easier said than done, right?) Money and all of the problems that come with/without it sometimes pushes me into a deep, dark hole. I hate it.

We only clawed our way into finanical security a few years ago, and now that we just spent a bazillion dollars on a much needed renovation, my husband heard there will be layoffs at his company and I have reasons to feel less than secure at my job as well.

God, I hope the economy picks up soon- this is getting pretty bad.

Brillig said...

UGH! Can you believe that I hadn't read this until just now? I've been the worst bloggy friend ever. Your note today made me say, "wait, WHAT?" so I ran to your blog to see what I'd missed. Apparently, I'd missed a LOT. What a frickin' PAIN! I'm sorry about your job. It just plain sucks, especially for it to happen right now when you've suddenly got this huge bill to pay. Not a fun way to start off a marriage, I'm sure. Good luck, my dear. I'm crossing my fingers for you and yours.