Friday, February 22, 2008

Marching On

The March of Dimes has done away with WalkAmerica!!!!

Well, that was a bit dramatic. They actually just changed the name. It is now March for Babies.

I love the new name. I think it's very To-The-Point and goes well with March of Dimes.

I always wondered why the March of Dimes got to have the "WalkAmerica" when there are so many other walks IN America. I found out that it was because the March of Dimes pretty much invented the Charity Walk. That makes a lot more sense, then. This move was smart for them, but it helps me out, too. Now I won’t have to explain what the walk is for all the time. (That got just a little bit old.)

Help Team Bella Save Babies!

April 27th, Team Bella will be “marching” for their third year. So far in our walks, we’ve raised over $1,200 that went to help save babies. This year, I’m setting our goal a little bit higher. I’m going to muster up a little bit of courage and be just a little more outgoing when asking for donations. This year, I’m not going to wait until the day before “bank day” to put the change jar in the office kitchen just because a little red tape is in my way. I’m also going to talk about it a LOT more. Because it is something I feel very strongly about.

There are a lot of choices that we will make for our children. Unfortunately, we really don’t get to choose the way they are born. I am proof that a perfectly normal pregnancy can last almost to the end…but can’t guarantee a healthy baby. I don’t want more women to go through what I have. I believe in this charity and I hold their hope that one day ALL babies will be given the opportunity to start life healthy.

So it’s time again to ask that if you can spare a dollar, would you consider donating it to my cause? If you can spare a day, would you consider joining the walk in your own area? If you can just spare a minute or so, will you tell someone about the cause?

Contributions of all kinds help out in big ways.


moosh in indy. said...

I'll walk all over babies, the March of Dimes is where it's at.
I meant walk all over FOR babies...I meant, it's not much but I donated.

Butrfly Garden said...

It's never "not much." Thanks, Casey!

Worker Mommy said...

Yay for the new laptop !
I'm gonna donate too! Go Team Bella!

Brillig said...

Go Team Bella!!!

I'd be honored to put this in my sidebar if that would be okay with you.

Did I mention to you that I think you're wonderful and amazing and I'm so grateful that we're friends? No? I didn't mention it? Hmmmm, maybe one of these days I will...

exskindiver said...

count me in, amy. said...

GO! GO! GO! Good luck with your collecting donations! My team's "March" is on the 20th ... hopefully this is just the first of many we will be doing!