Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stars of the Butrfly Garden

Could I have thought of a lamer title? I think not.

I took the advice of many a while back and switched to Google Reader from bloglines. Google won’t pick up some of the feeds that Bloglines does, so I still use it, just not as much. I’m really loving the Google dashboard. My mail, my blogs, my wikipedia search. My favorite feature so far is the Google Docs. I can write a post at home, upload it to google docs, and post it from work. It lessons the hassle of emailing the document, anyway. And also lets me transfer work docs (like my Paid Time Off spread) so I can see them at home.

I also really like the Google reader. I wish there were a way to save the posts as “new” because sometimes I don’t get the chance to finish them and I end up forgetting to find them and read the rest. (Like this great one from Brillig that I just found!) That bums me out because I usually don’t realize it for a week or so (or two). Google is easier to use than Bloglines for me because it presents it every time I open explorer. I don’t even have to LEAVE igoogle to get my stuff done! That looks a lot better in IT’s eyes. The other thing that makes it superior is the “Star” system they have. Because when a post really grabs me, or I want to share it, I just click the star. Then, on days when I have to get A LOT of work done in a very little time, I can tell my friends:

“Yo, check this:” (Just like that, too!)

Kelly blew me away with two posts this month. The first was an almost enigmatic thought on memories and the second was a little gift for her friends who like to judge.

Worker Mommy said what all us BlogHer-Less girls were really thinking.

Europulp found one of the greatest Craigslist ads I’ve seen in a while. Since the Engineer Robson thing, anyway! (Thanks for that link, Kristina!)

Beth made giggle insanely during a very quiet moment at work with this post.

And Casey has taken to beating old ladies. (Don’t worry, she’s still cool with me.)

I also failed to mention the new extension blog I created! I named it Meme Land. It’s like a retirement home for memes. But we’ll call it “Senior Housing” so they don’t get all crabby about it. To tell you the truth, I just really wanted to make a new design but didn’t want to mess with this one. So go read it. Casey tagged with a meme like ten years ago and that’s on there. Mona tagged me as well and I will get that one on as soon as I can!


Whiskeymarie said...

I still haven't moved on to Google Reader. For some reason I am scared and intimidated by it.
I hate technology.

Canadian flake said...

I have heard of this Google Reader before and have been curious what it is. Is it hard to use?? Maybe I will go check it out.

Kristina said...

I remember seeing the fort one on best of craigslist awhile ago and thinking it was fantastic! I want to build a blanket fort!

Worker Mommy said...

I for one dig that title...ok, well maybe its because I'm a "star" but still..

I've been fighting the move to Google reader for some reason...but now that I know IT is working on some kooky project which amongst other things will enable them to closely monitor the sites we're visiting (instead of the one thousand other things they could be doing) I shall have to make the move.

Izzy Rose said...

Hi there,
Thought I'd visit your site after finding your comment on Indieblogger. Cool wallpaper. Look forward to reading you.


Izzy Rose

Goldy said...

And Goldy's posts sucked... no, seriously... they sucked.

Thanks for some new blogs to check out.

Cherann said...

If you go to the actual google reader (not reading it from iGoogle but the REAL reader), at the bottom of the post there's a section that lets you mark it as not read...that way it'll still be bolded so you know you haven't read it yet!

Brillig said...

Hahaha. Okay, I got a link, but not in the "stars" part... I'm going to pretend like you meant I was a star too. It will help me feel good about myself today--especially since everyone's at BlogHer and I'm feeling very lonely in Bloglandia...

And I LOVE your meme site! What a BRILLIANT idea! (And it's SO good of you to call it "Senior Housing")

And yeah, Goldy, your posts just sucked this week. You know--that one where you only got 50,000 visits? Yeah, that's rough. I feel your pain. Poor, poor Goldy.

Butrfly4404 said...

Aww, guys/gals, let's not be that way! If your posts sucked, I wouldn't read your blog at all! :) Little cup o'tea for you, eh?

If Brill can get away with saying Harry Potter and BlogHer posts were disposable (I sooooo told on you! hahahahaha), I can get away with not starring everyone just to make everyone happy, right? That would defeat the purpose. You will all be (or probably have already been) mentioned as a "great post to read" so don't get your panties in a bunch.

Big wet kisses for everyone.

Jodi said...

I am sooo confused. I have no idea what any any of you are talking about...I subscribe to a thingy that tells me when my fav bloggers have a new post. I like that. It's easy. I know not what any of you are talking about...I need to get out more.

Butrfly4404 said...

PS - cherann, THANK YOU!!! I knew there had to be a way, I just didn't see it! :)

Jodi and the other girls who are confused - go to and sign up, it's pretty self explanitory from there, I think, but if you need help, email me.

Brillig said...

tattle tale