Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I don’t trust robots.

Last night on Nova one of their stories was about a engineer named Cynthia Breazeal who creates “sociable” robots. This woman is dedicating all of her studies to making robots that feel. Not robots that do anything worth-while like disarming bombs or cooking your food. Her robots are specifically meant to show emotion and react to yours. I’ve seen WAY too many movies to ever think this would be a good idea!

Does this creep anyone else out?

If no, you may be interested in this:

Careful, though... he gets ANGRY!


Renee said...

I just wrote a post about robots and AI on my blog a few days ago, what I coincidence that I stumble upon this post :) Maybe you'd like to visit it sometimes, at

Good luck with your blog!

Kristina said...

Creepy creepy creepy! All of them....especially the robot monkey....I can only imagine his head spinning around when you piss him off! Or being one of those creepy toys that you suddenly hear making noises in a room by itself....*shudder*