Thursday, August 7, 2008


I officially have less than one month until my wedding.

Because I'm well aware that discussing my ever-present wedding dramz would get tiring (currently? getting the girls at the banquet hall to WRITE ME BACK. Or call - I'll even take a call!), I decided that the only way to liven up my little pink blog o'happiness before my *return to normal* was to post some pictures (at random, of course. How else?).

Feel free to comment still (I do love it so), but understand if I don't have time to answer any questions you may have, like, "Amy, why is there a picture of a monkey playing with himself here?" (srsly. I have one.)

Also - nothing like driving something deep into the ground, right? ;) My post Hunted was published on another collaborative blogging site. Check out Bloggers Annex if you get a chance - in addition to mine, there are other REALLY good posts there by some bloggers you may know. If you feel so inclined, you can also join and submit your posts for publication.


Miss Kate said...

Ahhhh! Less than a month! I will keep you in my thoughts and I bhope everything goes great. HAVE FUN!

exskindiver said...

the countdown begins!!!
how exciting.
hope your summer is going well.
yes hectic and crazy--but we nevertheless.

WM said...

A monkey playing with himself ? I'm thinking WhiskeyMarie might be interested in that pic.

Wow only a month ! Exciting stuff!

and congrats on Bloggers Annex ...the Hunted posts do pretty much rule

Brillig said...

SHE LIVES!!! I was so thrilled to read the Hunted post at the Annex. It's always brilliant, no matter how many times I read it.

I love random pics. I DO wish there were a monkey one...

Missed you like CRAZY, lady. Good luck with the next month... I'm sure it's going to be pure insanity, but so worth it!

Carla said...

One month!! Wow!! :) Can't wait to see pictures of it.

Oh, and a monkey one if you think of it. I am easily entertained.

MommasWorld said...

Oh my goodness! You are back! I check from time to time but apparently lost in my own world lately.

I signed up for thingy. Yip, Another password to remember. Ugh! At least my Name is the same :-)

Glad to see ya back! I will read the rest now too!

{mawah!} thats a kiss